The website officially started taking pictures for the record or field station interprovincial pictu

The website officially started taking pictures for the record or field station interprovincial pictu

March 11, 2017 ckrekbra 0

hanging in the head of many individuals on the head of the boots finally fell, the website for the record to be officially launched. Reporters from the Shanghai branch network news, since the end of June to July 6th, there have been more than 50 people in charge of the enterprise and its owners to take pictures for the record company. Deputy manager of network Shanghai branch Gao Haiming told reporters, this is more than 50 new customers are mainly Alibaba TrustPass members and nets. Civilink is a member unit of Alibaba.

15 minutes to complete the photo record

July 6th, the reporter interviewed in Shanghai branch network in just 30 minutes, to meet the 3 batch of pictures of the record staff. The station signed by the Ministry of unification in issued the "Information Security Management Protocol" and "website record information authenticity check list", and submit the relevant certificate, and then the accuracy of network staff by the audit information, after the completion of the audit, and then take pictures. Take pictures after the system by the staff to the online network headquarters in Beijing, and then submit the application to the record management system in Beijing City, the entire process takes only 15 minutes or so.

nets pictures is located in the door at the door, a white wall hanging above a curtain, curtain background is in accordance with the Ministry of the uniform requirements drawings produced. There is a desk chair before the curtain, the photographer is sitting in a chair, by all staff hand-held digital camera alignment can be photographed.

said a small open Commodity E-commerce website Mr. Yan told reporters, began to do preparatory work at the end of May he as well as domain name registration, but not after filing the application submitted in June 18th by the Ministry of industry, then in the original site for the record management system ( in the closed NEW website for the business application. So until now only nets pictures, again filed an application submitted.

to be completed before the end of September

according to public documents show that the Ministry of management system website filing management system upgrade time for June 19th 18 to 24 in July 25th. In the meantime, the original site record management system ( to stop receiving new website filing business, providing only system query services. Since June 20th, the new site for the record of the site sponsor, through the new system ( for the site for the record business. June 20th to July 5th, the suspension of the application for web site filing changes. According to the reporter, the Ministry requirements before the end of September, access providers to complete self-examination, to access the site record information update.

in accordance with the Ministry of industry announced the process, specifically responsible for the audit is the location of the operator’s communications authority. After receiving the application for registration of the communications authority, within 20 working days will be notified whether the audit, the audit, the station will be issued to the record number, while the relevant information submitted

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