Daily topic WeChat charges controversial commercial uncertainty

Daily topic WeChat charges controversial commercial uncertainty

March 11, 2017 azwnolxx 0

station network (www.admin5.com) April 7th news, the recent spread of news is that WeChat charges raise a Babel of criticism of the event, for WeChat charge? Who collect fees? This point we do not know, did not give a clear answer. But in the community has set off a burst of public opinion!

who charges who

March 31st, Minister of industry and information technology Miao Wei said that the requirements of the communications operators to charge WeChat has some rationality, the Ministry is currently coordinating the matter. On the same day, China Unicom chairman Chang Xiaobing to participate in the IT Leadership Summit to talk about WeChat, said, today’s free of charge for tomorrow". WeChat’s appearance can be said to subvert the way people communicate, to a large extent, instead of the SMS business. But this has also brought a heavy blow to the operator, so the operator raised the hope that the charges, when the toll of two words appear, overwhelming news began to flood the internet. Many users in the Tencent here called operators, in fact, at this point I think everyone should understand one thing: WeChat to charge to the user who received?? Tencent? Operators to charge and not pull users, is only between operators and Tencent operating problems. As Chang Xiaobing said, "today’s free is the future of tomorrow’s charges", Tencent will not charge for tomorrow we do not know, but certainly not today!

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WeChat commercial

there is no free lunch, WeChat’s commercialization is an inevitable trend. But in the current situation of WeChat is not ready to charge users to prepare, so at one point the user can rest assured! WeChat commercial has selected three directions: Games, O2O and value-added services, including gaming platform has been initially formed. Tencent CEO Ma Huateng also believes that WeChat in value-added services, especially mobile social, games, there should be a clear business model. Ma Huateng said, WeChat is the idea of commercialization is expected to make a platform to cooperate with other types of developers, to provide more content to our users, rather than an industry too deep. The example that WeChat will become a platform for literature, writers of literature content can be sent directly to the subscribers, so WeChat will play a role as a bridge between content producers and end users. From the current point of view, WeChat’s business model is only the most mature game ideas, but also the implementation of the fastest.

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