Buy site greatly shrink 5058 buy site only 176

Buy site greatly shrink 5058 buy site only 176

March 10, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

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group purchase website navigation mission 800 days before the release of "Chinese group purchase market statistics report", according to statistics, China group purchase website the first half of the actual turnover of 29 billion 430 million yuan in this year. In June this year, the manual survey data show that the number of buy site to reduce the number of surviving to 176, compared with the peak of the year in 2011, the current site survival rate of only 3.5%.

to Baidu Nuomi, public comment group, handle network, the U.S. group, Wo Wo Group as the representative of the "top five" stations, basically a foregone conclusion. Provide specific subdivision services accounted for 13.1% of the product group purchase website, such as providing online travel booking service OTA group purchase website, and by the store opened specifically to provide "wedding" service group purchase website.

– data CBD express reporter Chen Yingya

– Drawing: Liao Muxing

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