The number of nternet Co not only the number of users also can be the enemy of fabulously rich

The number of nternet Co not only the number of users also can be the enemy of fabulously rich

March 10, 2017 lejlgizx 0

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for the latest quarter’s dazzling performance, the parent company of Google Alphabet’s market value has surpassed apple, let it become the world’s most valuable company. According to The Verge reported, in a conference call after the earnings release, Google CEO Sandel · Gmail said the current pichardo Iraq monthly active users has exceeded 1 billion.

Gmail has become Google seventh users over 1 billion products, after users Google search, Chrome browser, Android system, Google map and YouTube Play Google, had 1 billion. Where Gmail, Google Play need to use the registered account.

In addition to

Google, the world’s largest social network Facebook has a surprising amount of users, monthly active users of the core services of Facebook has exceeded 1 billion 590 million, even more than the world’s most populous country China. In addition, Facebook’s WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram active users are also more than 400 million.

in Chinese, most users of the service is non Tencent. QQ monthly active users has reached 860 million, WeChat also has a monthly active users of 650 million.

if you need to register to use the Internet service monthly active users with the national population ranking, so the first ten large population in India and can only Chinese apiece, the remaining 8 seats were occupied by the Internet Co.

data from the company’s latest earnings report or official revealed that the number of monthly active users (unit: million)

although Google and Facebook have a variety of more than 1 billion active users of the product, but the two companies are not satisfied, still trying to get more people to use their services. In order to get the next 1 billion users, they are using unmanned aerial vehicles or high-altitude balloons and other means, so that people around the world can access the internet.

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