Google wants to go back to China but this time it’s time for Chinese developers to recover the lost

Google wants to go back to China but this time it’s time for Chinese developers to recover the lost

March 10, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

Google China Developers Conference in 6 years after the restart, its significance is not the same.


2010, Google officially withdrew from the Chinese mainland market with search operations, and 6 years later, Google with an unprecedented scale developers conference announced its high-profile return.

but this time, Google has already been occupied the heights about Baidu search business, but in the name of "developers to what we give to what" China developer group handed out "hero".

it means that Google will use their power to make the world’s largest Google platform Play and all kinds of high-quality open source tools as the "vanguard" again, to find that China scored, 6 years in Chinese lost.


Google developer conference opening, the engineer took Google VR drawing tool Tilt Brush performed

a service for Chinese developers conference

in the past 6 years, although Google and China developers "interactive" constantly, but such a high profile and large scale (attached) since the Google conference is the main business exit Chinese mainland market for the first time.


is president of Google Greater China Shi Bo League (Scott Beaumont) in a speech that "what you want, you need what specific functions, please tell me, let us better serve you," or "the history of most of the Google product experience area (including the existing Google technology, open source the platform and tools, mobile hardware products, but unfortunately not today announced the open source Google Home), or 35 of the Convention is divided into different areas of the field developers of open source technology sharing, are in fact tell us:

China market is very important, Google would like to close the distance with Chinese developers.


Android Demo experience zone, open source tool Firebase and the depth of learning open source platform TensorFlow demonstration area

therefore, "support" and "service" the meaning is simple to understand: in my App distribution platform, with my Android kit, my layout in the open source framework, let third party I to help you.

one thing we can be sure that Google has a vast ecosystem beyond the reach of most technology companies and Technology (which you admit it). And the advantage is that it can be easier

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