Micro blog plans to start from the media today more than 5 million fans big V temporarily unable to

Micro blog plans to start from the media today more than 5 million fans big V temporarily unable to

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micro-blog from the media plan to start today more than 5 million fans big V temporarily can not apply for

[TechWeb] reported on June 12th news, micro-blog officially launched from the media plan, the user application management system over the line (http://s.me.weibo.com) openly recruited from media users, according to the page, the plan has a certain originality and influence for micro-blog’s certification, the specific criteria for the number of monthly reading above 3 million, and can provide high-quality in addition, the content link that more than 5 million fans of "big V" is temporarily unable to apply.

it is reported that there are 1000 high-quality original content of the author was invited to join micro-blog from the media program, covering the top of the vertical field of 23. Micro-blog user operations director Liu Xinzheng said that the program will focus on micro-blog to further enhance the quality of content to create user influence, and as a basis for providing flexible business realized the way from the media, actively encourage the production of original quality content, and enhance the content of the ecological platform.

it is understood that micro-blog will provide advertising into commercial, advertising will gain exposure in the original micro-blog user text page article text page, the higher the number of readers, the author points to the higher income, since the media from the author in the media users real-time view and manage the original content data, micro-blog monthly according to the reading number of settlement. In order to encourage long article from the media authors of original content, based on long micro-blog commercial revenue gained will be higher.

Liu Xinzheng said that micro-blog is not just micro Bo on the micro-blog platform, in addition to the daily production and consumption of mass within 140 words short of micro-blog, including pictures, video, short long articles, rich media, micro-blog also constitute the main platform content production and consumption. In the long article, for example, from the beginning of April micro-blog provides the official micro-blog long tool, micro-blog is currently on the daily production of long article has reached 200 thousand, which together contributed to the micro-blog Chinese largest Internet content production and distribution platform.

according to the introduction, in order to facilitate the users especially the production of original content from media users, micro-blog has to optimize the long micro-blog tools, users can directly publish graphic combination of long long micro-blog, micro-blog home from media users will also get a unified presentation, micro-blog will also support the opening of the article, the content can also be outside the station direct synchronization to the micro-blog text system, easy content management, retrieval and dissemination. (eight)

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