Slot machine domain name out of 5 million 850 thousand into the domain name price ten

Slot machine domain name out of 5 million 850 thousand into the domain name price ten

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Beijing on June 2nd news, according to foreign media reports, Gambling company Bodogbrand on Tuesday announced that the company was about $5 million 850 thousand in the price of the successful purchase of (slot machine.Com) domain name.

had previously reported that the domain name by the international independent domain name data service provider Snapnames responsible for the auction, the auction price has risen to $5 million 500 thousand. Eventually, Bodogbrand to more than 4 million pounds (about $5 million 850 thousand) to buy the price of the domain name domain name auction price, hit a new high this year, the domain name auction price, but also into the domain name price list of the top ten.

Kevin, founder of

·, Bodogbrand (Calvin), said he was involved in the online auction of a domain in a bar in London, and ultimately successfully purchased the domain name in Ayre. Eyre said he believes the domain name is ranked second in the global gambling domain, only (.Com casino), but better than the (poker.Com), because "not particularly strong brand in this field."

Eyre added that, the domain name for Bodogbrand’s assets and numerous other target sites to bring traffic from around the world. This means that Bodogbrand will be authorized to the domain name of the selected network Gambling company. Currently, Bodogbrand on its own brand authorized to the global network of Gambling company.

cited content:

global domain name of the top 10 domain names are listed as follows:

1 (+ 18)

history: in 2000 by the president of Gary Kremen re held, in February 19, 2006, he sold 14 million high priced Escomm company.

2 (Finance website)

history: in 2008 was Inc. to $10 million price, the main profit model is advertising and marketing financing information.

3 (18 forbidden, very yellow very violent)

history: Yellow site, the transaction amount is only under, in 2007 to $9 million 500 thousand in pure cash trading.

4 (Finance website)

history: 1999 by >

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