Finally the application number to it in the end what kind of See this article will know

Finally the application number to it in the end what kind of See this article will know

March 10, 2017 azwnolxx 0


technology news (Han Yimin) the morning of September 22nd, WeChat began outside the public platform to send a small program beta invitation. Small program that is widely concerned by the outside world WeChat application number".

from the beta invitation to disclose the information we can see that the small program can help developers to develop small program fast, small program can be conveniently in WeChat acquisition and dissemination. This is the beginning of Zhang Xiaolong mentioned in his speech, the application number is basically consistent.


in the open class held in January 11th this year on the PRO version, Zhang Xiaolong mentioned in his speech: WeChat’s intention is not to make a just the dissemination of the contents of the platform, but a platform to provide services so WeChat team dedicated to the dissolution of the service, but the service number to provide services, based on the demands of a, "this is not what we want to see. Now we are going to develop a new form called the application number."

according to Zhang Xiaolong’s description, the form of the application number is roughly: a new form of public numbers, this form below the user concerned about a public number, like the installation of a APP. He wants to find a public number when looking for a APP like this, not to the user in the usual things, so APP will be very quiet there, when the user needs to find it, so we can try to make more APP a more lightweight form but better, a form used to exist, this is us in a new form of public number, call application number, here is just a little spoilers ahead."

measured from the point of view of information, small procedures envisaged in a variety of services and support capabilities through open to developers in order to achieve the above, mainly for developers, including the service and support capacity:

view container: view (View), scroll view, Swiper

basic content: icon, text, progress bar

form components: buttons, forms and so on

operation feedback


media components: audio, image, video

map location service


file operation capability

network: upload and download capabilities, WebSocket

data: data cache capability

position: get location, view location

devices: network status, system information, gravity sensing, compass

interface: set navigation bar, navigation, animation, graphics, etc.

open interface: login, including signature encryption, user information, WeChat payment, template message

According to Tencent

technology, the WeChat app beta qualification for the service number, the first batch of 200 beta places. >

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