Discussion on how to write soft Wen from third angles

Discussion on how to write soft Wen from third angles

March 10, 2017 mmvxljhp 0

want to do "soft", we should put ourselves in an objective point of view, that is, the third point of view.

if a soft article appeared in our products, how to completely lost the objective point of persuasion. The objective attitude of writers have to stay out of the show, can not be the purpose of advertising products in the. For example, in a news release that the advantages of the product, can stand on the angle, longitudinal comparison of horizontal comparison or industry development stage, which objectively reflects the product advantage and selling point, let the reader voluntarily have the desire to buy. Even want to know more, through a variety of ways to find corporate website or product seller, to achieve the effect of promotion.

analysis of the industry or the news point of view of the soft Wen, to be persuasive professional text as the main body.

this press release to have a kind of authority as a convincing support, so each kind of soft text analysis before you begin to fully understand the product and industry, find the appropriate point of thinking and writing. Such targeted writing out good soft Wen can. Empty broad language is very difficult to convince the reader that is not of products mentioned interest and desire to buy.

a good soft Wen need to have a simple and easy to understand language and clear structure.

released a soft Wen, most readers are not professional, our words have fanned role is the premise of readers can understand and can be interested to see it, and to highlight the soft is customers interested in some features of the selling point, let the reader see just a few words for a head of water mist is not established authority. A clear structure can help us better guide the reader to see what he is interested in. You can divide to the soft structure with a small title, readers will have to find their interested content, so we will product information and selling point in professional analysis with content, can get the good opinion of readers and trust, and can let the reader fully receive the message we want to, to the promotion in the establishment of the product image at the same time.

appropriate combination of social hot spots.

write a soft text again good, no hits is difficult to achieve results. How to improve the people’s interest in the reading, let the people pay more attention on, you know, what is the problem that everybody cares? What kind of theme can attract people to click and read? At the same time to pay attention to the combination of perfect and hot topic, if the logic of the text itself is not reasonable, let the reader see so far fetched. The product is very difficult to accept the readers. For example, the writing of the food industry can be a soft powder from the door of the incident as an entry point, analysis of the current situation of food regulatory worrying, causing readers resonance. From the importance of food safety and the interests of consumers, the reader’s goodwill and the establishment of a healthy product image. This kind of soft Wen not only plays a good role in promoting the product, but also is beneficial to the public welfare. Hot topics and attractive title is also an essential element of good soft wen.


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