The Jingdong at COD city mall to suspend service provoke controversy

The Jingdong at COD city mall to suspend service provoke controversy

March 10, 2017 lejlgizx 0

New Year approaching, the traditional sense of the Spring Festival has not yet appeared, the critical point of network is not the spring festival. At the end of the year because of online shopping orders lead to delivery of goods temporarily backlog, from time to time a small courier company appeared warehouse explosion case, a number of shopping sites have to hang up the spring truce flag, announced a month before the Spring Festival to suspend the logistics distribution service. Reporter landing century electric network, home network, brand new seven day electrical net sales and many other household appliances online shopping company found that the vast majority of home appliances shopping sites are in different degrees during the Spring Festival suspended in some areas or some of the express delivery business. Occupy the largest share of the online shopping mall in the field of digital Jingdong 3C, had also announced that due to the distribution side of the pressure is too large, the suspension of "211 Limited" service commitment, the original limit of 211 orders for the next day service. What is more serious is that from the beginning of November 2010, the Jingdong has been off the vast majority of the country at the county level city courier business.

reporter from a number of private courier companies to ease the pressure distribution for Spring Festival or other reasons, the Jingdong is currently suspended the courier service at the mall, there are nearly more than and 500, suspended COD services in the city accounted for more than 90% of the city logistics service outsourcing Jingdong.

The private logistics company

who had been working with Jingdong and Jingdong to stop cooperation with the recently proposed third party responsible person told the reporter, the Jingdong closed COD services during the Spring Festival, because the Spring Festival in addition to logistics pressure, is also part of risk control for collection business considerations. Jingdong due to delivery of goods at a high price and easy to damage the appliance, the risk caused by the third party logistics is particularly large, and the Jingdong’s return policy and many provisions of the king, a little staggered goods will not allow the logistics company to return, resulting in many cooperation with courier companies are squeezing a large number of Jingdong to return, and the group returned the Jingdong will not be accepted. Taking into account during the spring orders will surge, is a collection of business risk, once the goods occurred during the Spring Festival and extruded or damaged, the Jingdong can not get timely worry about the repayment guarantee, in order to control the operating risk, so it suspended a number of COD services at the county level city.

in addition, there are some large private courier companies are offered to stop cooperation with Jingdong, such as Epesi of Zhejiang, Fujian Guangzhou pathway, further, these companies in the north of Guangzhou city has the core business, is the largest local private courier companies. The reason why these companies stop cooperation with Jingdong, the direct reason is also associated with Jingdong’s return policy is too overbearing. In order to reduce the loss of return, the courier company had repeatedly raised the courier fee, from the previous more than and 10 yuan rose to more than twenty yuan, but were rejected by the Jingdong, the two sides of the conflict upgrade.

Another fuse

prompted some large private enterprises active and Jingdong is a Jingdong currently part company each going his own way, is stepping up all over the country self built logistics team. Zhejiang, Ningbo, a courier company official told reporters that the cooperation between Jingdong and third party logistics is a lot of short-term behavior, a city’s Industry >

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