Tanabata to the traditional enterprises to do a good job marketing soft Wen

Tanabata to the traditional enterprises to do a good job marketing soft Wen

March 10, 2017 nfyactcp 0

is a sweet lover’s eyes in the Qixi Festival, romantic happy days, because the moisture in this day ushered in not only love, is more of a blessing, a smile, a harvest, a joy, the wandering thoughts, waiting for the perfect meeting. But for businesses, the Qixi Festival once again usher in a "battle", on this day, more and more enterprises begin to busy promotional activities, the major electricity supplier is also planning a marketing war, a variety of marketing tools to busy impulse, full sprint promotion, launched a bloody battle.

battle, the achievements of the who? And who hurt, today’s A5 station network push media network Xiaobian together and discuss the Qixi Festival marketing details and exquisite cheats, we all know that the Qixi Festival Valentine’s day we all know that the most important thing is for some flowers, gifts, jewelry, cosmetics, nourishing goods, clothes will have obvious feeling, may usually have been busy working on the web will take some time to consult, this time as long as your information appears in the search engine most, you will be more enquiries, orders will be bigger, but how to achieve the most effective results in the shortest time, some doubt is the promotion of soft paper, customized high quality readable, high rate of original text reproduced completely, with "salutary influence of education softly," form, in the invisible Would like to promote the introduction of others to achieve manufacturing needs and guide the effect of consumption.

under the small series of their own summary of the special Tanabata, how to do a good job of soft marketing of several major points, we can look at, if there is a better method and strategy, we can discuss together:

, a content advertisement to point

we often say that silence is golden, but when the topic turned to political, commercial, advertising, things are much different. You have to tear the throat to shout. But a call will effect the Qixi Festival that day, I believe that many companies will make the corresponding activities, so this time than will be more attractive than who the content may be different, the same kind of commodity. The benefits are not the same, here is our best first we suddenly this commodity characteristics. And the user experience, preferably with friends, family or personal feelings to write, so give readers more convincing, then at the end of the article is illustrated, the first is

to improve the reading experience, the second is to let readers understand the genuineness of your stuff is what it looks like, of course, the most important point is that we must have the contact or you can find contact way, or readers after reading this article, I feel pretty good, want to consult to see, the results can not find contact. This is the opposite, sum up the contents of the article must you want to highlight the theme expression sharply, but the content appears not advertising, it make the reader want to know you this product, if your article can be said to reach this level, is already very high realm.

two, the title must contain keywords

according to

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