Alibaba 1688 global sourcing platform officially launched cross border import strategy

Alibaba 1688 global sourcing platform officially launched cross border import strategy

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Alibaba filled cross-border layout

sina science and technology news May 18th afternoon news, Alibaba’s website formally launched the global sourcing platform. Alibaba had released cross-border import strategy, said the 1688 to create the world’s first distribution platform for imported goods. The same day, in addition to the previously revealed Spain, Italy, Portugal, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries also officially settled. In the State Consul of the consulate general, Yingkou, Kunming, Jiangmen, Zhuhai Free Trade Zone leaders went to the site as a platform, product endorsement, fidelity guarantee platform.

1688 global sourcing platform flagship global optimization, national characteristics, massive supply, covering a large number of line B in wholesale and retail businesses, also covering more than 40% of Taobao and Tmall businesses, businesses can complete one-stop purchase on the platform, at the same time, consumers can enjoy more high-quality low-priced imports of goods.

1688 division senior director Liu Fei said, compared to the traditional mode of import, businesses from 1688 global sourcing platform for purchase, the cost can be reduced by 20 – 40%, 15 – 60 days can save time, and reduce the cost of these would finally allow domestic consumers get benefits. In order to ensure the quality of the goods, the future platform will also be established with the customs, commodity inspection, the product will be imported through 1688 channels on the two-dimensional code, consumers only need to scan through the phone, you can trace the source. In the selection of species, by Ali’s globalization layout, the platform can provide abundant supply of goods, is not only the people around the consumer goods, and other production materials, such as textile imports, imports of fabrics and so on.

according to reports, the traditional import mode, need to apply for a variety of distribution license, complete record, experience aboard, landed, customs clearance, tax, customs clearance, commodity inspection, and then through the channel layers sinking, with the end consumer to meet. Therefore, in the absence of good channels and markets, many overseas businesses are prohibitive for China’s huge market. Liu Fei said, 1688 will provide a complete set of overseas Chinese access to China, to help them reduce the intermediate link for overseas sources to provide simple and quick trade services. We are in addition to get through online sales channels, but also to help overseas businesses to make use of 1688 retail outlets and other resources online quickly, we can provide a full range of value-added services in the future."

has become the Internet platform for cross-border electricity supplier industry military a hotly contested spot, whether general or vertical websites, without exception, chose B2C platform. With the increasing competition, more and more offline businesses, Taobao and Tmall sellers are feeling the pressure. Liu Fei admitted that 1688 is the world’s largest B class platform, more than 120 million users, every day there are 150 million online browsing, always help SMEs grow. "In addition to the rookie logistics, foreign trade through an integrated service platform to reduce costs, we can get to the B class.

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