Baidu academic search blockbuster online Enable xueshu two domain names

Baidu academic search blockbuster online Enable xueshu two domain names

March 10, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

renamed China ( June 13th hearing, it is reported that, today, Baidu academic search enable two domain officially launched, the platform provides academic resources in the literature search English mass, Baidu also tried to search as fine classification.


figure: Baidu academic search

Baidu academic search database with a number of professional cooperation, included more than 70 domestic and foreign academic sites, including academic sites Chinese HowNet, Wan Fang, foreign websites ACM and IEEE, were included in the total of more than 200 million foreign academic resources. Currently, the platform can be retrieved fees and free academic papers. According to the eName whois domain name information query, "Baidu scholar" to the domain name spelling before the deadline has not yet registered.

Baidu academic search to "keep learning attitude" as the idea, and the platform selected random celebrity quotes. In addition, it also improves the accuracy of retrieval through the time screening, title, abstract, author, publication, document type, citation times and other indicators. In another development, Baidu and Chinese Unicom push Pax, on-line help loan platform, acquisition of Baidu sink three spell domain name

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