Your site optimization right

Your site optimization right

March 10, 2017 ckrekbra 0

with the site optimization technology to open up the sharing of resources, we have learned more and more web site optimization methods. A lot of new optimization division when exposed to these techniques, the application of allowing no explanation to the website, and here the author Dennis said that this optimization is correct?

at first I also said, for the website optimization should start as early as possible, the website will be on-line before some optimization techniques must be applied. In fact, I found in the website optimization process, premature optimization for the website, especially the small and medium-sized enterprise does not have any advantages, often be too much too far.

SEOer may be a lot of questions, is not some of the site optimization can not be used on the site?

here I want to emphasize is that each optimization techniques can be applied to the site, but not every skill must be applied. Many optimization techniques are applied in some enterprise website not only did not achieve the desired results, but will have some negative effects, such results must not be SEOer do not want to see. Here I will share with you some work experience, I hope you learn a lesson.

first, the wrong application of the site map, resulting in lower overall score website.

we know a lot of Web site is a site map, the purpose of the search engine in order to facilitate the crawl, thereby increasing the site’s collection, in order to improve the site keywords ranking. As a matter of fact, the site map has no direct or indirect impact on the ranking of the keywords. And for most of the small and medium enterprises is completely unnecessary. We are very clear that the role of the site map is not the contents of the search engine to crawl through the site map submitted to grab, so as to complete the crawl included, the technique is mostly used for large and giant sites.

use of small web site map, because the direct program is written, it is easy to do website not worthless pages are included, such as 404 pages, blank pages, dead link pages, landing pages and so on. When these worthless pages indexed by search engines, comprehensive score to the website because these superfluous pages caused comprehensive score decreased, thus affecting the whole site optimization process.

second, pseudo static abuse, resulting in the weight of the page is down.

when we browse the site, it will be clear that many sites have adopted a pseudo static form. Pseudo static application is mainly to ensure that the spider does not appear in the crawl data leakage, loss of the phenomenon, for the promotion of Web site keywords are not directly. May be a lot of SEOer would like to say that search engines like this program, and in fact, I said that the spider itself does not judge the function, mainly by the late search engine screening mechanism to carry out. That is to say, the existence of pseudo static is not necessary, and what kind of website is suitable for pseudo static?

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