Tomato Mini pick Jingdong yesterday listed shadow

Tomato Mini pick Jingdong yesterday listed shadow

March 10, 2017 qrcdssnf 0

for Jingdong, 2014 is destined to be an eventful spring, since the year thirty submitted IPO documents, three months is not idle. Previously, the Tencent investment Jingdong raise a Babel of criticism of the trouble; then, brother and sister tea Milian by exposure; recently, mini pick and stand accused Jingdong emptied its assets. Originally in pre IPO quiet period should try to avoid a too sensitive news, and Jingdong have touched their nerve media one after another.

there is no dispute, the Jingdong is a great company, has made an indelible contribution for the development of electricity market, Liu Qiang East is also a great entrepreneur, can support the hardships of Jingdong, a few rounds of financing down can still control the absolute control of the company. If there is a domestic electricity supplier influential man list, the first row of Ma, Liu Qiangdong is ranked second, east of ambition, courage, all obvious to people.

people are disgusted, there are a lot of people dislike for Liu Qiangdong’s acting style. Strong desire to control, fiery, outspoken, emotional character makes Liu Qiangdong and its Jingdong has been in dispute with public opinion.

from the United States travel back east change in temper, talk like in the past love flak, the temperament of the whole person has greatly improved, however, if feeling is still rampant, desire to control nature is hard to change.

and milk tea after the romance was exposed, once became the object of hot Internet users, entertainment and technology to occupy the media front page. Love is free, although Liu Qiangdong is a public figure, but also to pursue their love of power, Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian are attracted to each other, the feelings are not wrong, but this thing has been exposed by the media is not good, which seriously affected the personal image of Liu Qiang East, because before tea and tomatoes.

two years ago, because of a tomato, Liu Qiangdong’s underground affair was picked out, then the boss of the Jingdong public relations embarrassment as "deliberate embarrassments packaging marketing", this wipe routine fudge watch users can also see, insiders understand. With the tea beginning, do not know whether it has been with tomatoes over, or is the East fence, even if has one girlfriend break up, so fast frequency is easy to let the capital market have many feelings for Liu Qiangdong, irresponsible impression, which is the upcoming IPO Jingdong image also have a negative impact.

tea event just subsided, mini pick event once again cast a shadow over the Jingdong’s corporate image. Between the mini pick and Jingdong outside the dispute, it’s hard to tell, even when both parties have mini pick indictment each one sticks to his argument, Shanghai Putuo District people’s court has formally accepted by the court in April 1, 2014, the future will give the final results.

although it is still uncertain, but has exposed the awkward predicament Jingdong management confusion, Jingdong to beautify premarket performance, at xiemoshalv, mini pick forced burn the bridge after crossing it, the harvest of fruit, forcing the mini pick founder had to choose to jump out of confrontation, to protect themselves and employees’ rights.

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