Ganji com associates with Wo Wo Group group purchase exit mode or reference

Ganji com associates with Wo Wo Group group purchase exit mode or reference

March 10, 2017 bzdhfkjy 0 will group purchase business sold to Wo Wo Group, which is viewed by analysts as "get rid of a burden".

the evening of April 11th, Ganji announced a strategic partnership with Wo Wo Group, today will be combined with group purchase business operating It is reported that the current group purchase page has to jump to the Wo Wo Group page, the page except with a "fair" sign outside, the group purchase goods and services with Wo Wo Group exactly the same. prompts the user in the group purchase page, April 12, 2012 0, the market group purchase jointly with Wo Wo Group after the operation, the original market user needs to purchase the joint operation of group purchase goods must be re registered in Wo Wo Group.

for details of cooperation and related matters such as the amount of the sale, the "daily economic news" reporter tried to interview public affairs director Peng Zhumei, but refused a reporter’s interview request.

to get rid of a "burden"


Analysys International analyst Chen Shou send to "get rid of a burden on the treatment for group purchase business. He said the analysis, group purchase business at present for has not much value, " business more, and they have to focus on the short term and the mobile Internet business. Group purchase from the cost, construction and development and sales team of local resources to these requirements the cost is relatively high; while the group purchase margins have only less than 10%, the market, continue to adversely affect the business business group purchase, for the latter part of the listing will be; and, from now on, group purchase business the market can give investors bring what highlights."

I think this is the focus of attention from the traditional model of the group to buy out of business. Like Sina, or 58, the happy Internet Co to form a group purchase business exit mechanism, is to look for a new disk, because if the group purchase business directly cut, will form a fatal damage to the brand." Chen Shou send analysis said, "for example if Ganji now that I do not do this business, for others it is business failed. Now the joint operation mode, which means that the business or by a part of their participation in the market, it just changed the original operation mode, which is on the outside is not that Ganji gave up this line of business."

why choose Wo Wo Group


it is understood that, in order to offer people find the group purchase business, Ganji has thousands of network products, and F group had contact. Why Wo Wo Group can eventually

talent shows itself?

media reported that catch group eventually entered into a collaboration with Wo Wo Group, the main reason is the Wo Wo Group bid higher than other sites, the actual amount of 800 thousand yuan ~100. "I think it might be a little low. But from the price, certainly this independence website will choose to cooperate with the market on the low now, so from this cost.

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