The acquisition of private cars striking one snag after another open a new era of

The acquisition of private cars striking one snag after another open a new era of

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April 15th, the largest shareholder of the Australian Auto Home telecommunications announced that it would sell 47.7% stake in the car’s home price of $1 billion 600 million to China Ping an.

insider broke the news, car home management has long been brewing for privatization, but Telstra will be 47.7% equity transfer to Chinese peace news that the car home management which is only be taken by surprise, a day earlier informed of the news.

Ping An Group in the used car, auto finance, maintenance and accessories, new car electricity supplier industry, mobile travel and other automotive fields have dabbled, its cumulative investment in self built car projects have more than ten. In addition to the second-hand car trading platform "Chinese Ping’s own safety car, car O2O, car direct platform Hui network used car valuation platform, automotive supplies electricity supplier network bug tiger Baer, gas station, oil information service provider customer network O2O platform travel drops fast, treasure drive car, both from the China Ping investment figure.


negative, 6 billion investment in the development of a good car safely but Ping An Group and a larger investment, the acquisition of vertical site car home 47.7% stake for $1 billion 600 million, as a vertical sites, the latter valuation obviously once again shocked the industry, people once again eyeing the vertical


from a strategic point of view, the car home with electricity suppliers and other resources are needed for the peace group. Peace is a key business lies in the car, holding the car home for its layout in the automotive market and other areas have important strategic significance." An auto industry analyst said.

In 2014

was analysis: because the tendency of vertical portal will large area be eliminated, especially in BANNER advertising for profit model of vertical portal will fail in large numbers, especially some second tier car websites will collapse.

as a vertical portal, car home can be said to be a very profitable business. Car home on December 2013 officially landed nasdaq. According to its 2015 earnings data show that the car home full year revenue of 3 billion 460 million, an increase of 62.4%; adjusted net profit of 1 billion 103 million, an increase of 41.1%.

but the car home is advertising a lot, but the advertising growth has slowed, and the electricity supplier comparison, the website benefits more and more low, directly to the site to sell the car or as a business platform, more in line with the essence of the Internet to the middle of the


China Ping head Ma Mingzhe said, comprehensive finance will no longer be limited to internal peace, but the development model of "Internet plus finance" to the whole industry to open financial industry partners, using new technology to create a more powerful open Internet financial services platform.

similarly, Baidu is also very much in the automotive sector, car networking, unmanned, investment >

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