There is a world of difference 17576 3 letters COM domain name why prices

There is a world of difference 17576 3 letters COM domain name why prices

March 10, 2017 mmvxljhp 0

renamed Chinese ( March 17th – the 3 letter domain name has about 6 million 170 thousand yuan to be acquired, and the 3 letter domain name only to the price of 70 thousand yuan. Pat, the price difference of nearly 100 times. The same is true for the 3 letter domain, but why is it that the price is so different? Why not?

3 letter domain name has a global common, no language restrictions, is conducive to the development of the advantages of international brands, there is one point is that compared to English, Pinyin and other domain names, it is simple and easy to remember.

global 3 letter.Com domain name for the number of 17576, can be used to tap the resources are also rich. In recent years, with the good price of the three letter domain name more and more, or rely on the brand, or the product is excellent, the price is satisfactory. But the same is the 3 letter domain names, but some products because of the general meaning of the price is not large or mediocre.

and well-known terminal brands related to high priced domain name

at the end of last year, the Qatar National Bank for 1000000 dollars (about 6 million 170 thousand yuan) to acquire 3 letter domain name, is high, mainly because "QNB" is Qatar National Bank (Qatar National Bank) acronym.

the same, the 3 letter domain name HXT.COM because it is owned by a state-owned background of P2P net loan platform to enjoy the cast of the first letter of the alphabet, it was good to enjoy the investment company spent $1 million 200 thousand acquisition.

some 3 letter names fit the company’s brand, short and easy to remember and easy to enter, will help promote the company’s brand influence, promote brand promotion, this kind of advantage is essential for the development of a platform, so these 3 letter names will be related to the acquisition terminal. Most of these good domain names will take millions of dollars. Although the terminal to spend a lot of money, but a good domain name can help the terminal saved a large amount of advertising every year.


: letter

, such as the 1st shop with 3 letter domain name replace the domain name spelling, gold wealth of 6 digits acquired These domain names are the initials of these companies, concise and easy to remember, can quickly reach the publicity of their own company.

number of rare high priced domain name

3 letters.COM domain names in the world only a total of 26, the number of rare valuable. For example, has both the characteristics of rare and expensive, and a good read to remember, but also has a wide range of station building, has a high value, the recent price of $136400, about 850 thousand yuan price shoot.

meaning is not large or the general price of the domain name

is also the 3 letter domain names, while others are flat. Domain.

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