The Commission to upgrade the crackdown on nternet rumors accountable to extend the scope of social

The Commission to upgrade the crackdown on nternet rumors accountable to extend the scope of social

March 10, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

Commission crackdown on false information network upgrade again.

today (March 18th) the Commission informed the 3 cases of fabricating and spreading false information case investigation, involving the object more widely and include a variety of social media accounts, including analysts, reporters, WeChat, authored by the public number of investors.

the Commission said that the illegal facts have been identified in two cases and rumors pass rumors, together over alleged crime clues to the public security organs, public security organs have been seized up rumors of people.

identified by the Commission, in February 24th, a Shenzhen securities strategist Wang in the case of unverified, i.e. in its individual micro-blog to determine the tone of public communication, forwarding false information "March 1st gem full cessation of audit, a Chengdu economic newspaper reporter Lee did not confirm the information the authenticity of the compilation, then depth interpretation of the article, the newspaper did not review the authenticity of the article in accordance with the relevant provisions, namely through its website published, after several other media forwarding, serious misleading to the market.

The Commission also identified

, February 24th, Lee use WeChat public number "Midas", issued a "false information fabricated and urged the national team of China Merchants Bank money", seriously disrupted the market order. These 2 cases have been investigated for the end, the next step, the Commission will be held in accordance with the law, the legal liability of the relevant subjects, the results of the relevant punishment will be promptly announced to the public.

identified, March 1st, Jiangsu city of Taixing Province Zhang fiction "Liu Shiyu: the false information registration system does not adapt to the socialist Chinese situation", and published in the "Sina shares". According to Zhang confessed, because the stock market is not to lose money, then the full vent issued false information, with the chairman of the Commission is to influence a higher tone. Next, the Commission will continue to work closely with the public security organs to further verify the dissemination of the other main responsibility for the false information, serious accountability.


Commission spokesman Deng Ge said, the Commission will work with relevant departments on all kinds of stock market rumors always keep strict monitoring, rapid response, suspected of illegal crime, strictly to crack down on, make sure all the tale of the media to pay a heavy price; in violation of relevant regulations, the dissemination of information will mislead the market. According to the program to transfer the relevant competent departments seriously.

Deng Ge reiterated that the Commission will press conference, the official website, micro-blog, WeChat released the capital market reform and development and regulatory enforcement authority information. Investors should not believe rumors, do not pass rumors, to avoid damage to their own interests.

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