Hu Xiaodao Ali’s soft Wen a gun and personal worship

Hu Xiaodao Ali’s soft Wen a gun and personal worship

March 10, 2017 qnbblzgg 0

often hear an expert to teach new webmaster rookie to write text, text, or even, in the Webmaster Station registration mouth are hung up soft advertising language is a sensational disposition. Let me have to admire. High, really high ah!

in fact, let us associate to newspapers, radio and television these traditional media, which does not depend on the way to the business of advertising exists? Real estate and delicacy of newspaper; sexually transmitted diseases and hepatitis B radio and television recommended probation….. These are too numerous to mention this is not the only one.

we are surrounded by a soft world. Webmaster, we live in the soft environment, do not write soft Wen is shameful, even sad, is unable to survive!

you can go to my website to see: a million round table (, to see where my IP come from?

said the soft Wen pulled away the theme of this article, in fact, I really want to say is: Alibaba Ma can not leave the soft, personal webmaster with what is left?

I was inadvertently saw a publicity release of Alibaba, after seeing a slight stomach discomfort, but also to know what kind of people who want to recruit Alibaba. The pick some scripts:

yesterday, Changning District Zhaofeng Plaza hall 29 layer, filled with candidates. A projector, repeatedly playing Ma Yun and his company’s great ideas, but one side is a KT board, a huge portrait of Ma Yun."

graduated in 2006, Miss Wang curled KT, nodded thoughtfully. "You know what? I went to the horse, he is charismatic, cool." Miss Wang told reporters that last year, she saw two central station broadcasts "win in China" this program, to Ma Yun’s incisive comments admiring. Miss Wang even in the face of reporters imitate Ma on the grass and trees of a classic quotations.

another candidate, had sales experience, Miss Chen also admitted that he did not pay attention to the salary, Ma and Alibaba fame, in itself is very attractive. Reporters at the scene interviewed 10 candidates, most person said, his reason to switch or switch, is completely attracted by Ma, some even have a "complex ma". Alibaba listed in Hongkong last year is very popular ah, I know Ma from a teacher to become a business wizards, it is not easy." Candidate Cathy says.

"believe me, I will catch up with Jack Ma in the future, even though I am nothing." In the recruitment scene, a look relaxed, quite confident candidates Shen Qing (a pseudonym) down the sound told reporters that he is already a small company boss, engaged in business and Ma similar. I hope to apply for admission to the Alibaba, to understand the company’s business model. At least 10 years working experience of Shen Qing also had to steal other famous company Shanghai, has done some.

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