Stationmaster net broadcast the end of the world community three new board zero turnover Ali said be

Stationmaster net broadcast the end of the world community three new board zero turnover Ali said be

March 10, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

1 Tianya community three new board show zero turnover: investors love and questioned the  

no company has not listed it get so much attention, no company let investors love and questioning, the disclosure of public transfer instructions after 4 months, the community finally boarded the new board yesterday.

transfer agreement for the transaction of the first day of the listing of the community did not take place. In the industry view, although the company’s high degree of concern, but could set off a new upsurge in the capital market depends on the company to tell how the story in the days after the capital.

talking about Tianya community, the market may not be unfamiliar, as a representative of the BBS community sites, Tianya community has become an important source of public opinion. But with micro-blog, WeChat and other new social platforms, Tianya and other Chinese community gradually become lonely. In the overseas listing, listed A shares failed, no longer young Tianya choose three new board at the early stage of development, which makes it become the focus of attention of the new capital, unveiled in the public transfer statement, investors do not seem to find many bright spots.

2 Hualian shares in subsidiaries $90 million capital hungry parent company

news August 27th, Hualian shares announced that the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore business company intends to increase the form became a shareholder in Rajax, capital of $90 million.

announcement shows that the way to increase capital for cash, capital sources for their own funds. Rajax’s main operating brand is hungry".

after the capital increase, the Singapore commercial company will have a Rajax priority subscription, and enjoy the right to information and verification.


announcement also shows that the Singapore business positioning the company for operators of community shopping center, catering industry accounted for a very high in the shopping center, and "hungry" as a mobile food service platform Chinese leading business, have very strong complementarity with the company, they can cooperate with each other for the surrounding community residents to provide more convenient service. Therefore, this investment can improve the community service functions of shopping centers, and promote the company actively explore the use of the Internet to try to integrate the advantages of online and offline development, in order to enhance the company’s comprehensive competitiveness in the industry.

3.5 takeaway APP experience: Baidu takeaway the most affordable but poor service  

city life more and more busy, more people need to point out, so in many takeaway APP, which is more favorable, the fastest delivery, best service?

in order to answer these questions, the author spent a week time, experienced 5 takeaway APP – mission takeaway, public comment takeaway, Baidu takeaway, hungry and word-of-mouth takeaway (once called Amoy).


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