Ten new profitable business models

Ten new profitable business models

March 10, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

in all the innovation, business model innovation is the most original innovation. In order to help Chinese enterprises especially in the way of entrepreneurs in the shortest time to understand the current biggest influence the business model of the China management, we selected the ten most profitable new business model, hope for Internet entrepreneurs to inspire new generation China.

1, B2B e-commerce model Keywords: online trade, credit analysis, business platform: Chinese e-commerce environment problem has plagued the development of B2B e-commerce, credit management problems are also prominent.

2, the new mode of entertainment economy on behalf of the company: Hunan TV "Super Girls" Keywords: entertainment integrated marketing event marketing problem: like all the TV programs of the law, the audition is very easy to program into a bottleneck. Transfer of consumer preferences and the market of this kind of business model is the myriads of changes, "bane".

3, a new sales model on behalf of the company: Amway, AVON, perfect, Tiens, MaryKay keyword: multi-level marketing problem: policy constraints and moral hazard, is a major bottleneck in the development of direct selling enterprises Chinese.

4, the United States model on behalf of the company: Gome and Suning Keywords: capital operation problems: low price winning professional chain also need sophisticated management more, with the supplier’s accounts receivable to maintain high speed, I am afraid it is not a permanent solution.

5, C2C model of Electronic Commerce on behalf of the company: taobao.com, eachnet.com Keywords: online payment transaction mode of free entertainment marketing problem: eachnet.com defeated free strategy taobao.com, that China consumption environment is not mature. In addition, the security of network payment is also a big challenge.

6, the representative of the public mode of the company: Focus Media (FocusMedia), IZO enterprise TV Keywords: new media, new blue ocean

7, the virtual management mode on behalf of the company: Nike, Metersbonwe keyword: virtual business outsourcing problem: due to China around OEM manufacturers limited production capacity, the supplier team too large dispersion, caused the brand enterprise’s operation and management costs, to private enterprises management challenges.

8, economy hotel chain mode on behalf of the company: Home Inns, JinJiang Inn, seven days every day. Keywords: hotel chain price problem: different city China huge differences, how to maintain the low cost operation, with relatively uniform service quality, ensure all succeed in every city, and many of the poor management of stores will also affect the brand image.

9, online game mode on behalf of the company: Shanda, NetEase keyword: free mode interactive entertainment problem: whether it is free or charge, only rely on good game products, in order to be able to long-term foothold in the market.

10, the network search mode on behalf of the company: Baidu, Google keyword: PPC online advertising search marketing problem: a single search portal used by PPC

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