Marketing can also play the United States shocked the top 10 marketing cases

Marketing can also play the United States shocked the top 10 marketing cases

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the most sensational marketing is not the most money, but there must be a most clever idea.


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on the morning of October 14, 2012, the famous Austria extreme athlete Felix · Baumgartner (Felix Baumgartner) in a helium balloon rose to Roswell city in New Mexico in the United States over the height of 38600 meters, near the edge of space. Then, Baumgartner also rely on a space suit and a parachute jump from the height of close to the stratospheric jump, the jump time takes nine minutes, but the most exciting is the highest speed, the jump has gone beyond the speed of sound. And Baumgartner is a do not depend on the mechanical force, only through free fall broke the sound the first person in history, for a maximum speed of 1 million 340 thousand meters per hour, 1.24 times the speed of sound.

, however, the challenge of the human race is not sponsored by NASA, the US space exploration technology company (SpaceX), and its sponsor is an energy giant, red bull. In fact, the Red Bull KREEDZ prepared "stratosphere plan (Stratos)" has spent a full seven years. Then, Red Bull harvest what? The answer is that there are more than 8 million people watched the event live on the YouTube website, more than 50 countries are reported to the broadcast, shocked the world a jump not only that, the National Geographic Channel (National Geographic Channel) and BBC also specifically for the United Kingdom making a documentary.

? But in fact, the marketing to make a sensational effect there is no need to make what change the history of the big movement, the most innovative advertising not only can use a simple and yet intelligent way to attract the audience, consumers, media and even competitors, but also can change the mass of a brand impression. Based on this idea, "Entrepreneur" magazine in search of some of the most talented marketing strategy from start-up companies, large enterprises, as well as charity, but also consulted some industry insiders, explore the reasons for these advertising success.


1 scanning aid


Johnson hired well-known New York JWT advertising company, the use of augmented reality technology, Bondi a Bondi Magic Vision a App application development. The children were scanned for Bondi aid, can be obtained with the well-known animation toy frog (Kermit) as well as opportunities for Komi doll close contact partner. JWT said they want people to use the Bondi band aid can "feel happy, not just the pain of the scar bumps" >

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