Site navigation site will be carried out in the end

Site navigation site will be carried out in the end

March 10, 2017 upgypqbj 0

I already did in 2005 to a local site navigation station – Shaoyang website, because it was early, but there is no special place to do local site navigation this website, and know a lot of local webmaster, you generous helping promote a website launched not long on fire, in 2006 when in the search engine whether search such as local website or company name of some popular keywords, such as Shaoyang or Shaoyang weather map, popular keywords and so on, especially in Shaoyang, Hunan Shaoyang such keywords, are ranked in the first page of the top three.

in September 06 Google update PR, the website home page PR from 3 to 4, and as a result of the visibility of the site, the local municipal government website also made a site in the home page to do publicity.

After the end of

most of the sites are experienced, because of the rapid growth in traffic, refused several times a company phone, website basically doesn’t rely on search engine traffic, but because the reputation has publicity out, most of the local users still know the station, when they find some local web data, are used to choose this station site because of everyone’s support, has been developed to today.

local website publicity, is the use of local links can also be publicity, and some cooperation forum call column publicity, then is the place where the QQ group, Post Bar propaganda, can also help some friends gathering, cost is very low, of course, if the conditions can also be the Internet and maintenance companies or individuals to set up cooperation Internet cafe computer home page, but that will cost a little higher. Local web site advertising revenue, do not rely on basically, and can choose the local computer company cooperation, cooperation and local enterprises, Shaoyang website is selected and the school has computer companies, although not many, but compared to other local stations, is also several barrels of gold network.

and now because of the development of Shaoyang recruitment network with, so they made a new Shaoyang website website officially launched recently, content continues to improve, welcome to Shaoyang area of the site to submit online site information, help us improve the content of the website. The site selection procedure is different from those usually see the site program, is to use a CMS system to do, although some people may say a bird with artillery, but my idea, even if it is small, also want to do


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