Sea Amoy package has been missing the ball was hit by the consumer heart plug

Sea Amoy package has been missing the ball was hit by the consumer heart plug

March 10, 2017 qrcdssnf 0

Tianjin Zhang recently trapped in depression: before the Spring Festival, she bought five pairs of shoes, a total of more than 1500 yuan, but until now she just received one pair, the other two pairs of unknown whereabouts. Let Ms. Zhang resentment that the transport company and the Tianjin post in the "kick the ball", it cannot be solved effectively, the transport company said "not under our control, the post office has not given a clear reply. Turning to claims, Tianjin Post said only to send a party to talk about, but the transfer company does not participate in the attitude of Ms. Zhang overwhelmed.

before the Spring Festival, Ms. Zhang Tianjin to buy shoes in the United States brand nine official website, she selected the transport company is the pioneer express, inform each other through the exchange of five pairs of shoes will be packaged into three parcels, because turnover is complex, the arrival time may be relatively long. At that time, Ms. Zhang did not worry about wearing shoes, logistics time is not a long point. But did not want to, this long long long period.

in late January, from a single date has passed nearly two months, Ms. Zhang received a package, so she went to the China Post website to check the logistics tracking. Logistics information display, January 22nd, the other two parcels have reached "Wang Chuanchang delivery branch", which means that you will soon be able to receive the goods.

but a few days later, the package is still not available, so she called the courier logistics consulting, get the answer is still in the query, there is news to contact you." But Ms. Zhang has not to wait for each other’s news, the next few days, she repeatedly played less than ten times the phone, the postal reply given is: "mail started from January 28th, the suspected loss, seven working days postponed, you don’t find can discuss claims".

February 7th, the past seven days already, Ms. Zhang again contacted with the Tianjin post, the other said: "tentative loss, willing to compensate, but only pay three times the freight and claim to the sending party talks." As a result, Ms. Zhang and contact with the courier, the other was informed that the package has been submitted to the China Post, to the Chinese domestic will not return to them.

Ms. Zhang

helpless and log Chinese post logistics, to her surprise, "a show from the original" delivery branch "to Wang Chuanchang" left Tianjin, the next station Wang chuanchang".

in view of this situation, reporters call the China postal official customer service, the other said during the Spring Festival, because many courier companies are not operating, post the backlog of goods more, resulting in the package is messy, but they haven’t found Ms. Zhang package temporarily. But the customer service staff at the same time, said: will upgrade the user’s demands, within 24 hours to ms.."

in addition, the reporter found that the "Insured account" in the vanguard of the courier official website website, the loss of the "claims" column expressly wrote: for the missing user behavior wrapped in transit, we (according to the commodity purchase value and lower value in the declaration of a total) + freight paid, please pay special attention to, if not the purchase of insurance claims to a maximum of 2000 yuan.

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