Young dish Jun O2O sell semi finished products to get tens of millions of investment

Young dish Jun O2O sell semi finished products to get tens of millions of investment

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family opened only half of the vegetables "company was able to get 10 million yuan level angel investment. In mid August, Chen Wen, Huang Chiwei, Ren and founder of the "youth dish Jun won the plum Angel founding partner Wu Shi Chun and nine joint ventures founding partner Wang Xiao jointly provided million yuan level A round of investment. They designed for white-collar workers of the dinner program is: work out of the subway exit, to the store to get a reservation of semi-finished food, home fried, boiled, half an hour can eat delicious dinner.

Ren Mu, Chen Wen, Huang Wei is a student of Renmin University of China, College of social and population 2004. 2013, graduated a few years later, 3 people close to the thirty years of age to make a surprise choice — let others quit more than ten million annual salary "decent work" to sell vegetables. Of course, they are not detaner, but by O2O (Online To Offline, meaning "Online to Offline") mode of sales of fresh and convenient semi-finished dishes.

these 3 small partners are the first generation of immigrants in Beijing, that is to stay in Beijing, outsiders, parents are not around. They found that the time to eat delicious, safe dinner has been a problem in life. This scene happened countless times, a person after work to buy food, cook, while sitting on the roadside stalls to eat a suspected drainage oil do gaijiaofan, while responding to the call for parents to ask their children to eat well exhortations.

they found this to be a common phenomenon. In Beijing, a large number of aged 20 to 35 years old white-collar workers, but in their income off a similar situation, because some people are not do dinner, others are due to make a meal time cost is too high. In Beijing Huilongguan community as an example, if a normal white-collar work at 5:30, 6:30 at home, then the markets usually have closed, can only choose to go to the supermarket queuing to buy food, go home and wash dishes, cooking, cooking, eat one hour after the meal is fast. If you eat on the basis of clean, nutritious meals, can save the time to buy food, cooking time, which can do many things you want to do ah!

3 people think of semi-finished products. This is not a new idea, do more than half of their products in Beijing. Any animal husbandry told China Youth Daily reporter, young dish Jun can make the semi-finished food company in a workshop, but engaged in the business of selling O2O Internet Co.

is one of the ways to buy dishes in young Jun Jun is a customer login site or order in WeChat’s public account, second days to store delivery. On the website, young dish Jun 70 kinds of dishes into the dish, vegetable dish, vegetables, meat, soup, with the food component, origin, pictures, prices and features. But not all of these dishes whenever and wherever possible shelves, the company will adjust according to seasonal dishes, customers can choose the dishes every week about 30, including the chicken, boiled meat and other traditional dishes, also have mushroom fungus fried pork and other innovative dishes. The introduction of some dishes especially Meng, >

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