100 thousand yuan prize collection online China home brand LOGO

100 thousand yuan prize collection online China home brand LOGO

March 10, 2017 lxmvtvgg 0

organizers: Anhui Huadi Investment Company Limited (formerly I love online creative design network)

participants: all walks of life, free designers and the majority of design enthusiasts

, a collection of content: Anhui China Ltd. brand LOGO

Chinese Standard Name: Anhui Huadi Investment Company Limited

English standard full name: An Hui Di Property Corporation Hua Limited


logo should include Chinese name, English name and graphics.

two, 17:00 (deadline: May 31, 2009 to submission date, no longer receive overdue.


three, design requirements:

, 1 works have distinct meanings and cultural connotations, can the implication of Anhui China home development Limited strong determination and ideal. Concise and lively, stable atmosphere, with strong visual appeal, versatility, suitable for use in a variety of occasions and carriers.

2, the work must be the original author, has not been published, shall not infringe upon the copyright of others, shall not violate any laws and regulations. If any infringement or violation of law, liability.

3, the entries shall not contain any alleged racial discrimination and religious discrimination or contrary to social morality.

four, the submission of works:

1, http://s.pk.52design.com/hdtzjt/ LOGO online solicitation contributors can "upload works" page login submission.

works upload, please upload the "small" and "big picture" each one. In order to maintain the beauty of the submissions, we have done the work of the size limit

small map size 125*100PX big picture, please try to control the following 1M to upload the work of color patterns must be RGB color.

2, E-mail submission:

, such as the submission of the area can not be submitted to the work, please work, additional creative description and identification of the meaning of the author’s name, contact information, address, sent by E-mail to [email protected] The message header format for the "China home brand LOGO – a collection of works".

3, mail:

will print color works and black and white print (A4 format), additional design specifications, the author name, contact, address and ID copy, by mail sent to all participants, the design draft will no longer return. Mail please specify "China home brand LOGO collected works".

– please: Anhui city of Hefei province.

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