Mainstream network marketing method

Mainstream network marketing method

March 10, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

do SEOER like IT migrant workers, SEO industry is a very confusing market sectors. SEO than non competitive ranking, ranking is not easy, to mental and physical work, most of the current small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals to do SEO optimization and promotion in the majority, want to spend very little money to let you first, no effect will be blamed for a refund, really good SEOER or for their own services, like us promotion, slaving away up, just to earn some living expenses, said the search engine is very powerful, can not use black hat techniques, we do SEO easy? I like to do SEO to ensure a maximum is the top 10 natural search engine not only, I want to be the first to open, the first is not, at present many master with SEO technology, China Merchants Station Road station and so on, do a good job, monthly profit of over 10000, which we should learn from them, twenty-first Century is the lack of talent, is to use the brains to earn Money, Study hard every day.

talk so much, come to talk with you today, the mainstream network marketing methods:

a search engine marketing


search engine has two kinds, one is to do PPC, as long as willing to spend money, can let you get the keywords ranking, one is SEO (search engine optimization) by increasing the weight of the website, the website for the user and the search engine more friendly, improve the natural ranking website.

two, Forum blog marketing

to post irrigation in some popular big theory, while leaving their own links, go to the well-known blog written text, the name of an individual or company to write articles, speculation, close to the customer, fan is well-known, hey.

three, instant messaging marketing


chat tool on the Internet, through group chat, chat message sending, sending advertisement information in user reluctantly, most of you are invited into the blacklist, effective marketing, is to give users a valuable practical information, allowing users to love.

four, RSS marketing

RSS marketing, is a kind of distribution and collection of web content XML format. The current mainstream blog system has a RSS file format to facilitate the collection and dissemination of information to promote. What RSS and RSS promotion methods, you can look at here:


viral marketing

early viral marketing is to promote the use of viruses or malware, browser binding. In the form of coercion, allowing users to open some of the sites, in order to produce a lot of site navigation and entertainment website is through this form of propaganda.

six, mass mail marketing

search network email address, search Collection >

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