Precision marketing life search core competitiveness

Precision marketing life search core competitiveness

March 10, 2017 sdikdwvy 0

precision marketing, life search to a certain extent, his core competitiveness here, life search and universal search is the biggest difference lies in this." In July 26th, the city life theme salon search, love to help network market director Li Xiang said.

"leave the same business in the Alibaba and the mobile phone number is not the same, why, because he can know very clearly, what is brought to him separately from the Alibaba and HC users. Now the merchant’s appeal to the advertising is accurate, he will assess the amount of advertising to bring him the value of." Li Xiang, for example, said: "in the field of urban consumption, the same restaurant, Zhongguancun is a small restaurant he needs to cover the place of Zhongguancun, he only needs to know these people in Zhongguancun. But a large restaurant, he would need to know the whole of Beijing, have to patronize, their marketing costs, means, the audience are differentiated. Life search in the area of accuracy, with regional advantages."

Baidu strategic cooperation Sun Zefeng

said: "the small and medium-sized enterprises at present nearly more than 3 thousand million, to buy Baidu PPC is very few customers, there is now a 20 million – 30 million of the long tail, they can’t afford to buy Baidu PPC, they need to search for life to give him a specific area on the, lower fees and more accurate location."

for a way of thinking, life search similar to precision marketing, the potential is very large." Sun Zefeng added: "there is still a big piece, is the brand manufacturers also hope that through life search and local search to put advertising, spend less money, do more accurate. If the search for life can be more accurate positioning of the crowd, as well as the location of information, advertising products come out, advertising companies will be happy to accept."

how to achieve precision marketing

love network currently started a new attempt by COOKIE records to define the life trajectory of the user, is expected in October when the gang launched a love called the life cycle of products. This product is a record of each person’s behavior through these life data analysis.

life search is a very trivial thing to contact people, such as a user to eat at noon today and tomorrow at noon to eat the food is not the same. Today and tomorrow want to go to the restaurant is not the same. At present, we think that life search should have some personalized things, personalized push, for the user will have some personalized processing." Li Xiang said.

Baidu is considering and China Telecom, Chinese Netcom in IP positioning precision, such as a small IP whether you can position, then the site to provide information to the user can be completely users around the life of a collection of information, rather than a large range of Beijing, it is based on around 10 km, 5 km within the information.

"in fact, from the beginning of 2000, Baidu has been very"

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