The nternet to grass root has become the trend of pay business models have better prospects for de

The nternet to grass root has become the trend of pay business models have better prospects for de

March 9, 2017 lejlgizx 0

with the rapid development of social economy, Chinese per capita income increasing, constantly improve the living standards of residents, consumer demand levels escalated gradually from the functional requirements, and gradually turned to quality needs, brand personality and demand customized demand. At the same time, more and more users are willing to pay to enjoy higher quality services and products, rather than rub free, because more and more people realize that free is the most expensive charges. We are more willing to pay for the things we like, so we have more spiritual pursuit than material. With the popularity of the answer mode, pay business model gradually prevailed, but also in the changing consumer habits of Chinese consumers free of charge.


why pay business model has more prospects for the following to do the following analysis:

user consumption habits change

due to the consumption environment, free business model is gradually withdraw from the capital market, every day the story, said free feelings gradually lost its glory, and the high quality of products and services for more and more consumers, changing consumer habits also affect business model changes.

payment products feature strong

with respect to the free products or services, payment products to meet a higher level of consumer demand, more and more people love the pursuit of personality, new in order to be different, out of the ordinary. Free mode in the market today, homogeneity, low threshold, easy to imitate, non sticky and poor user experience is becoming more and more serious, once the consumer inertia free form, it is difficult to establish the pricing model, the enterprise can’t make a living, but also to talk about innovation? The lack of innovation in the free will gradually be eliminated. I believe many people will take Taobao said, Taobao’s free Alibaba is established in the ongoing capital investment, resource support, technological innovation, mode of exploration, why not now second Taobao, you will know the reason.

survey shows that more people are willing to accept paid

according to the 2016 release of the penguin think tank China Video Site paid member survey report shows that 18.5% of people have been recognized to watch video to pay, and 35.4% of people do not recognize now can accept. 42.6% of the people are reluctant but no way. That is to say, there are 96.5% people who can pay for their love of the video, this is enough to illustrate the problem.


enhance the economic capacity of consumers

With the continuous improvement of China’s comprehensive national strength and per capita income, China has gradually developed into a moderately developed country from developing countries, and even north to Guangzhou and other regions have reached the level of developed countries (

). Now the main consumer groups are gradually from the grass root to the middle class, in the next 5-10 years, this trend will be more obvious.


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