Chief engineer Google is intended to improve the quality of the contents in the new

Chief engineer Google is intended to improve the quality of the contents in the new

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Google chief search engineer Matt ·


technology news (Zhong Tao) April 9th Beijing time news, the United States well-known Silicon Valley newspaper "San Jose messenger" online edition published today, Google’s chief engineer Matt · search; Katz (Matt Cutts) the record of the interview. In this recently in an interview, Katz talked about Google some time ago to adjust its search algorithm and other matters, and that Google is doing to combat spam, in order to improve the quality of the content in the Google search results. Katz in 2001 to enter the Google anti spam team, and in 2004 as the company’s anti spam Department heads. Katz has written the first adult content filtering algorithm for Google, in order to those who inadvertently click on the Internet users to prevent adult sites.

Katz at Google’s great popularity. Recently let Katz become the outside attention event is, he at the beginning of February this year publicly accused Microsoft on behalf of Google, said the Bing search engine (Bing) a "copy" of Google search results (Microsoft denied this, but that will be used in Google part of the data, is used to filter the search results).

due to the popularity of Google search engine is too high, some content providers have been through the study of Google algorithm, etc., so that their content can be released in Google search results ranking more forward. At the end of February this year, Google announced the opening of the new algorithm, to fight with publishers on the so-called "content farms" and other junk information. As Google’s chief search engineer, Katz once again become the focus of attention outside the star.

the following is a wonderful Abstract Katz recently accepted the "San Jose Mercury News" interview:

Q: Recently, there are a lot of reports about Google’s changing algorithm. What’s your opinion on this?

: my personal feeling is that the Internet search (the quality of the results returned) is very important. In many cases, a large number of Internet users have been accustomed to the results of Google search returns, but forget the results of these search results used in the background technology, in fact, can be comparable with the most advanced rocket technology. On the one hand, we have been committed to Google search to do better, so as not to cause criticism. But on the other hand, since the outside world has appeared on Google (search ranking injustice) accusations, this is actually a good thing. Because these accusations that the Internet users are very concerned about Google, they hope that we can be improved. We must set up channels to collect feedback so as to improve the quality of our products. From this point of view, for the past one or two months from the outside criticism, I personally feel grateful. And we have to improve the search algorithm, the ultimate beneficiaries are undoubtedly the majority of Internet users.

Q: from the Google point of view, the current performance of your new algorithm?

answer: we change the search algorithm, the purpose is to improve the quality of the search results. In our new search algorithm

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