Shijiazhuang college students do shopping site monthly sales of over one million yuan

Shijiazhuang college students do shopping site monthly sales of over one million yuan

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from the online shopping online shopping site to the campus agent franchise, from one person to the development team of 6 studio, just graduated from college this year Peng Shaoqiang, optimistic about the market prospects for online shopping, online shopping website business, founded "Le return net", through the development of half month sales of more than one million.

since March this year, after the line on the website, the first month sales of more than 100 thousand yuan, net profit of 8000 yuan Peng Shaoqiang, after the website monthly sales growth, net income of over 10000 yuan, after six months of development, the site has more than one million monthly sales.

from the agent to the development of the online shopping shopping rebate website

Peng Shaoqiang is a graduate of Shijiazhuang Institute of information engineering, 2011, who studied marketing, this year, the age of 25. As early as a junior, he was optimistic about the online shopping market, the school made a campus agent and vancl. When doing the campus agent, I buy things online for the students, so that they will get the Commission of the business, while I will earn some of their money back to the students."

, in the business model for Peng Shaoqiang Many a little make a mickle. gradually accumulated some customer resources and the relationship between friends. "Then I think, now that you have the current students resources, if these students after graduation can still come through their purchasing, and even more other city people can through their own to purchasing, so they do not have a small, small sideline did part-time." Peng Shaoqiang thought of doing online shopping site service platform on the Internet, through access to information, he knew that there is such a business model called "shopping rebate".

entrepreneurial process difficult, had been opposed to


since then, Peng Shaoqiang began to run around, buy a domain name, rent space, want to name…… I have bought ten domain names, and some tried to find inappropriate, it is no longer used, and finally left the three standby domain name, plus the cost of rent space, a total of more than 2000 yuan into the early." Peng Shaoqiang said, when the family does not support the idea of their own website.

after nearly six months of preparation, shopping site music back to the network was formally launched in March 4, 2011. "At that time, I was still in school, there is no cable in the dormitory, I get up at 7 every morning after carrying a notebook to the classroom." Peng Shaoqiang do customer service, processing each order personally, at the end of the month when the settlement found to bring business sales amounted to more than 100 thousand, net profit reached 8000 yuan, he suddenly increased confidence, also won the recognition of the family. He continued to increase cooperation with businesses, improve the site, starting from second months to get a rapid development, the monthly net income of more than 10000 yuan.

after graduating in June, Peng Shaoqiang found a fellow to help him to do network promotion.

dream from the music back to the studio started

has a certain business base this year after 1>

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