Domestic market is now the Matthew effect in the year or welcome earnings inflection point

Domestic market is now the Matthew effect in the year or welcome earnings inflection point

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Last November

listing of the group purchase originator Groupon has just released the results, the first quarter of this year, Groupon to achieve a profit of $16 million 300 thousand (the fourth quarter loss of $42 million 700 thousand last year), this news is undoubtedly a stimulant for the domestic group purchase counterparts.

in 2011 after the reshuffle, the domestic group purchase market "Matthew effect" is gradually emerging, the U.S. group net, handle network and Wo Wo Group (micro-blog) "a situation of tripartite confrontation" trend is taking shape, the U.S. group net sales in March this year more than 300 million yuan, opened the first of the 300 million generation of group purchase. Insiders pointed out that Groupon achieve profitability, indicating that the market is entering the industry to buy an inflection point, and industry leaders will become the first beneficiaries.

Groupon earnings boost confidence

2010, China group purchase market fast, and staged a "thousand group war, an influx of capital group purchase, peak period, the number of group purchase site up to more than 6 thousand. However, how to achieve profitability, has been confused with the entire industry.

as the originator of Groupon industry group purchase, also facing this problem. Groupon in 2010 losses of $450 million, to $350 million in losses in 2011. However, Groupon has just released the first quarter of 2012, earnings, revenue of $530 million 600 thousand exceeded market expectations, and the first profit (net profit of $16 million 300 thousand). Boosted by positive information, the United States on May 15th, Groupon shares rose nearly 20% after the earnings release. In May 16th, Groupon shares rose 7.23% against the market trend of strong again.

U.S. mission network CEO Wang told reporters, Groupon first profitable, indicating that the inflection point is coming to buy the industry, which is the domestic group buying industry, is undoubtedly a major positive.

Matthew effect increasingly obvious

Groupon in the United States to buy a single market, the scale effect is an important reason for its profitability. From the domestic market, the trend is more and more obvious group buying industry.

According to the third party

navigation site 800 the latest report shows that before the first to become a "200 million yuan club" members of the U.S. mission network, handle network and Wo Wo Group, March turnover of more than 250 million yuan, a total turnover of three group purchase has occupied 49% market share, nearly half of the country. The U.S. group net sales of 306 million yuan to the champion. At the same time, a large number of rankings after the site is also being purchased in the Qing dynasty. Wang Xing pointed out that in 2012, group purchase industry "Matthew effect" will be more and more obvious, "a direct consequence is that the market resources will continue to meituan such advantages, including financial and human resources, making Yu Qiang weak weaker." He said, to buy site, localization is very challenging. Do >

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