Three changes of China’s nternet in 2008

Three changes of China’s nternet in 2008

March 9, 2017 uttpdooa 0

in terms of the impact of the Internet on China’s reality, there are three changes in 2008 is extremely noteworthy:

first, the crisis of information verification is becoming more and more obvious. Network information is difficult to find a party or third party fair to be confirmed, even if confirmed, confirmed the effect also depends on the matter confirmed the meaning of that process of fuzzy strategy construction, as well as the specific interpretation of this confirmed intention information receiver. The Internet public opinion field has become a hotly contested spot in the interests of all parties, Chinese, not only commercial interests of news and opinion manipulation and acts of counterfeiting, to manipulate the party without point cover, the receiver to political power, learn more and more skillfully intended to convey favorable information on their own, in recent years, the country vigorously construction network commentator team, is the concrete manifestation of.

can be said that the China Internet "innocence" has completely become a distant memory, idyllic pastoral are lack of the law of the jungle "Jungle", commercial power, political power, and even grassroots Internet users themselves, all the game in this jungle, "Harbin police killed six people after the murder. Network running is the best footnote. I quite agree with the well-known blogger hecaitou view: "we have to pay and pay for the coexistence of truth comments in the network era, and the difficulty of screening information unprecedented increase." The distortion of the real world, once considered in the network can be effectively corrected, people find truth through the internet. In fact, the Internet is becoming a tool of public opinion, is a group of people with a variety of purpose manipulation and tinkering.

second, anxiety and fear of the whole society deepens when different sources send out conflicting messages. This may explain why many of the events of 2008, are wandering rumors. The rumor is nothing but our own reflection, it reflects the desire, fear and obsession of a society. Kapp Ferre said: "everywhere filled with anxiety, or despair, never left the community, suppressed, and the legal status of the only way to express it. They are first reflected in whispers, if conditions are right, will become a rumor……. Repeated rumors are signs of enduring chaos in cities, social groups and nations."

in this case, the establishment of public opinion expression mechanism, as well as the various interests of the game mechanism, it is not only a kind of good governance forward, also in the health and well-being of the whole society. If a society does not allow the establishment of "export" and even never thought, especially the disastrous lack of safety valve and filter, so people’s anxiety and unstable mentality of the whole society China will pose a major threat to stability. In this view, rumors in the extreme China social development appears repeatedly also has its positive significance, it means the country due to factors such as relax the customary regulation, repression and persuasion, the hidden things no longer inhibited to express. Through the experience of rumors, we can intuitively feel the pulse of a healthy society. < >

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