Shi Yuzhu’s dollar and Pang Shengdong’s beauty

Shi Yuzhu’s dollar and Pang Shengdong’s beauty

March 9, 2017 qrcdssnf 0

Pang Shengdong is a person who is good at hype, he DONEWS outcrop in the two things, the smell of operation.

if I’m not mistaken, Pang in DoNews spotlight, with two strokes. First, by Liu Ren to enhance visibility, claiming to get the help of Liu Ren, 1 million buy domain name, and the other, it is on the BLOG, Motorola claims senior vice president, chose a total of 51, get the option.

Shi Yuzhu, that’s god. Rumors, marketing guru, China challenge ancestor advertising network game user limit, predators, to Shi Yuzhu’s experience with mythical color. After the mess in gold, Shi Yuzhu’s heroic acts, is admired by all. There is no reason, in China’s lack of integrity in the era of business, do not worship a business owner for their own debts. According to the bankruptcy law, those are not allowed to do.

Shi Yuzhu is the most talked about is not good faith, but marketing. The $51 million acquisition of a 1/4 stake in, the breakthrough of community is clearly not so simple, also underestimated the marketing guru abacus. what to do, but do not have to argue, beauty and more places, we are to appreciate, who would have to fight.

Shi Yuzhu’s dollars, plus Pang Shengdong’s beauty, what kind of reaction? That’s what we should be concerned about. From the current point of view, the two sides of the same nature of business. From a certain level, the network game team Daguai is our friend, on beauty, in order to find friends, the Internet that single men, ah. Through such a shift, the $beauty captive, but Shi Yuzhu lets male users online games, with girlfriend channel.

said that, in the acquisition of wrestling, Ma lost to Shi Yuzhu. From the business style, Ma Yun’s strategic awareness and execution, no one in the industry than. But compared to the marketing ability, the Internet community leader Shi Yuzhu. Pang Shengdong this time, in addition to the initial investment certainly overwhelmed by an unexpected favour, Shen Napeng, did not have what amazing people, see the In the industry, has been synonymous with low-end dating.

Ma and Shi Yuzhu at the same time off, Pang Shengdong’s choice, surprise. Ma Yun’s 2007, is unmatched. Alibaba listed in China to win the scenery, so that it is full of temptation. But speaking of marketing, speculation, there is a common language is really Shi Yuzhu and Pang Shengdong. In addition, the hero love beauty, beauty beauty, but also fit the current social atmosphere.


‘s acquisition of, but the male and female friends, the theme is Shi Yuzhu’s most important advantage. On the Nasdaq stock exchange table, which is mainly based on the online game industry, the price earnings ratio is not high, such a great company shanda. Instead of a portal for the origin of the Sohu, by the rise of online games business, high price earnings ratio amazing.

Sohu is like

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