Thunder thunder thunder from the product layout

Thunder thunder thunder from the product layout

March 9, 2017 uttpdooa 0

  first, thunder product profile

thunder products include:


1, Web thunder, thunder, mini thunder. The three is a download tool, for different user habits, with it, the thunder launched the Thunder online resource portal.

2, thunder listen. Thunder plug, for music download users, with it, the thunder launched a music channel.

3, Thunder KanKan. Thunder video on demand service.


4, blog and community services. Integration of user resources to improve user stickiness.


5, dog search. Provide resource search services to integrate the products.

two, thunder listen to profile


thunder is a thunder download software plug-in, you can let the thunder download software has a better music download function, is an important part of the thunder one-stop download service. In this article, the latest version of thunder to listen to V 1.2, the last update date is November 8, 2006, there is no time to update the new version of the.

Listen to the thunder

product base function is the downloading of music files, extensions are:
2, song song search list
4, song lyrics and song

customized ringing tone

three, thunder listen to product analysis

As a plug-in

thunderbolt download software, listen to the Thunder Thunder download software sharing advantage: 1, fast thunder huge user group; 2, thunder accumulation of resources; 3, P2SP high-speed download etc..


thunder to listen to some of the same problems: 1, product design is still relatively rough. There is no specific, such as download management function is poor, and listen music channel and thunder user integral mechanism and is not tight,

2, thunder’s own non music professional, making the channel Authority is not enough; 3, external competition. FlashGet, Tencent, such as Tuotu super cyclone with competition.

Here we use Potter

(Porter) five forces model for famous thunder listen to do an analysis of products. There are five kinds of forces involved in the model: the threshold of entering the market, the threat of substitutes, the bargaining power of the buyer, the bargaining power of the seller and the competition among the existing competitors.

1, the threshold to enter the market.

music download market has several characteristics: the market demand is large; the technical threshold is low; the user habits lead to obvious advantages, the latter is not easy to accumulate users.


2, substitution >

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