Two go where the network is due to Quna domain name bar claims 3 million

Two go where the network is due to Quna domain name bar claims 3 million

March 9, 2017 bzdhfkjy 0

news December 26th, December 22nd last week, Beijing registration where the network ( sued in Guangdong registration "where network ( of unfair competition, the case in Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s Court of first instance court," copycat domain "once again at the public view.

where to network ( alleged that the defendant to which network ( with almost the same site name / domain name, trademark, and web design, malicious imitation. And the defendant in the plaintiff enjoys high visibility in the case of "go" and the high similarity domain name, apparently in order to copy the plaintiff ( website.

where the network to appeal, "where network ( to stop the use of where to go, where to network, the domain name with the plaintiff in the same or similar name and LOGO, cancellation of and three other similar domain name, stop the use of" go "as the name of the enterprise, and a public apology and compensation for 3 million yuan.

accused of going to the network ( argued that go to the network ( as early as 2003 on the registration, the plaintiff for two years, although the transferee domain name in 2009, but the domain name will be registered early. Both the website and other aspects of the business are different, provide ticket booking, change and other terminal services directly to consumers where network, website is a wholly owned subsidiary / subsidiary, and the service search platform where the network only provide travel information, earn advertising agency. The plaintiff said and where the network ( domain name claims constitute a "reverse domain name hijacking", will retain the right to pursue its legal responsibility, all claims of the court rejected the plaintiff demands.

the case will be scheduled for sentencing, the information channel will continue to track reports.

in September last year, the Beijing company to take interest in where the network ( to the adndrc (ADNDRC) sued a paper where the tourist information network ( with a registered trademark trademark domain name confusion, with malicious registration and use nature, so get the disputed domain name, but the case is not successful. Go to the network ( has a formal qualification of civil aviation agents, the legal ownership of domain name.

true where network is not the first problem for domain name and a lawsuit, earlier, the industry on the "energy-saving" case has caused concern in the industry, visible, Shuangpin domain name of the site is not only conducive to users of memory, easy to be Internet users admitted that if the enterprise did not protect the brand name by rival Larry. Take, the impact should not be overlooked.

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