nternet alert Prospective network domain name theft or loss of millions

nternet alert Prospective network domain name theft or loss of millions

March 9, 2017 bzdhfkjy 0

renamed China (eName.cn) May 14th hearing, a statement just @ prospective network, new network vulnerability leads to serious prospective network domain name qianzhan.com is stolen, the serious consequences caused by loss of billions of dollars, the Internet as alert warning.


forward network micro-blog statement

according to the prospective network statement, in April 27th, qianzhan.com domain name contact information and modify in order to obtain the password, then transferred to the United States enom, while the prospective network has not received any e-mail or SMS alerts.

Until May 10th

forward network found that DNS is modified, causing the site access exception, prospective net first time to contact the new network, but Beijing repeatedly shirk, until the May 13th that has been handling the event. In May 14th, qianzhan.com domain name jump to the www1.qianzhan.com two domain name, was widely analyzed various gaming sites, leading to paralysis of the entire network.

it is understood that the prospective network qianzhan.com is a Chinese integrated portal, the average daily amount of PV visitors reached. According to the prospective network statement, qianzhan.com domain name through the new network management domain name stolen, resulting in billions of dollars in new prospective net loss, net serious loopholes and not as outrageous!


because of loopholes in the new network domain has been hijacked or stolen event in early 2011, It is often seen., a domain name industry because of the new network system vulnerabilities in 51.cn, 61.cn and a few valuable domain name theft; in May last year, the new network vulnerabilities resulting from hijacking tudou.com DNS, was hacked from black events; nearly a month since the new network is tudou.com, ignored vulnerabilities lead to dianping.com domain hijacking.

in recent years, the domain name theft occurred frequently, to ensure the domain name security, to prevent illegal transfer of domain names and malicious analysis is imminent. In addition to the domain name security domain account password security, it is particularly important to choose the appropriate domain registrar, not all of the domain name registration platform has guaranteed, with the accumulation of vulnerability, the future may also appear more disadvantages, therefore, choose a security domain name service platform is particularly important.

forward network micro-blog statement: http://s.weibo.com/1949671172/B4fA7pkiC? Mod=weibotime

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