Space carrying the dream of the ark

Space carrying the dream of the ark

March 9, 2017 jkdxfsgi 0

is my habit diving rarely writing, writing is limited after all write well you include. But today saw an article (/article/20070618/061T632H007.shtml), so I had to write down some frustration, disappointment, loss, there is hope, dreams and recollections.

space carrying the dream of the webmaster, the union carrying the life of the webmaster. The customer say other people are really happy. Original: a global forum, see other people when there is a problem, I through the search to find the answer, help others to answer the question, but I always reply post, 0.

I don’t know you mention what the problem is, if it is the primary problem that most people are too lazy to answer because these questions are asked for hundreds of times in the Baidu will be able to find the answer, if it is a special advanced problem is generally not answer the master can only find.

newcomers do not know how to get the answer is normal. At the same time, it is recommended that the new people to look at the famous question wisdom.

Original: add some Adsense QQ group, all know that I am the league’s customer service directly to me to t. Customer service is the alliance alliance seems to be a liar, customer service is alien. The book says, and is just like the relationship between alliance webmaster, thanks everyone. Win-win cooperation.

to tell the truth, I also have a lot of groups, in my management of the Beijing circle of webmaster group, some webmaster, space business, the Federation of endless advertising really left me a very deep impression. Group of friends reflect very strong, so he T out.

but this is not the way to do it, so I will change the way to join in the introduction of the introduction of the AD, if the AD will be T.

as for the league, my advice is not to do domestic, as for why I think I do not have to say that we all know. As for the alliance and the webmaster is yushuiqing then please make a sincere alliance. Good is some webmaster to do some acts of fraud, but these costs should not be equal to the innocent webmaster, but should increase technical input to prevent these problems.

My practice is E

the GG (no advertising, I hate to GG GG), although it will be K, but the income is Chinese hundreds of times for a month as Chinese do earn more than a year, an account is generally 3 months before they were K, K after the application of K to apply for…. The above is only personal opinion, after all, the risk is too great to use!

original text: encountered a lot of problems, 10 dollars have not been issued to him, you have to fight for the next 2 days, closed his account, it had to take your photos, ancestors are dug out. The rich do not care about the 10 dollars? 10 dollars to think about really not much, I never had to worry about the money for the past 10, after all, do not feel bad, and that money when the League to buy sugar to eat a good!

but why don’t you

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