Taobao 26 new regulations introduced the brush is no longer permanent seal

Taobao 26 new regulations introduced the brush is no longer permanent seal

March 9, 2017 bzdhfkjy 0

with the rapid development of e-commerce, has become the electronic shopping website, the most powerful and valuable as everyone knows, in the Taobao store, the credit is very important, the business credit is higher, more row before the goods and shops are opportunities for customers to see will be higher, people naturally patronize the more. There is no doubt that customers will be more assured purchase. So a large number of businesses in order to improve their credit, holding their own years of painstaking efforts at the store, almost frenzied pursuit of credit, and a series of undesirable practices, resulting in the shop was closed, frozen funds. Reporters on the Internet browsing when I see a post, the topic is " who can save me, " post: " deblocking for human ". Out of curiosity, the reporter read the details of the contents of the post. Post said they built a few years Taobao crown shop was closed, please master closed, and releasing ten thousand yuan fee. Fantastic, shops are willing to pay ten thousand yuan. Then reporters call to " for deblocking " I (Wang), Wang answered the phone, excited listen to reporter asked about the Taobao store case, and then told reporters to inquire about the closure process, Wang was feeble said: " I regret, his four years of painstaking efforts shop so, " the reporter asked what is the cause of the shop was closed, Wang said: " see peer business is booming, psychological itch, who do not want their credit is higher than others, so the Internet can find a credit website, and pay six thousand yuan deposit, the results fell now this situation. "

in the winter of 2006, when the students began to set up a shop in Taobao, because it is not familiar with the operating rules inside, for three consecutive months did not sell a commodity, and even few people browse. Wang analysis of the reasons, because the credit is not enough, the same commodity credit high in the front, the opportunity to patronize naturally more. Wang can not let it, a group of students to buy their own goods, slowly from the heart into a two heart, the heart of the three. Wang graduated from the start of the professional network. By the end of 09, Taobao’s credit card has been drilled to five degrees, the monthly net income of up to three thousand or four thousand. At this point, out of business needs, Wang also invited a man who had done before the care of Taobao, and in contact with this person, slowly changed the business philosophy of wang. The clerk told Wang: " eighty percent of Taobao’s credit is fried out. A collection of goods can have tens of thousands of people, under normal circumstances is impossible. This is what Wang said, after discussion, Wang decided to find a professional credit brush brush credit. After the selection in the online search for a " network; Butler " the brush reputation platform. After communication, " network housekeeper " the clerk at the store said Wang, three thousand yuan a week to the crown. Wang thought money is high, but for the sake of later, >

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