Mop com treat employees so people actually

Mop com treat employees so people actually

March 9, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

      today I see a lot of industry news website IT is a veteran expose themselves in the network when the encounter Because of the departure formalities in advance, when clearing wages but does not give bonuses. In the process of leaving the office when the leaders agreed to be very happy, but when the bonus is said to leave the staff did not pay. After watching really.

      one of my friends is, he once said, once wanted to do a video site, but now when you see the full Chinese video site has more than 2000 of the news, immediately stop the development and operation, and no mercy to more than and 70 employees at the Department to cut the cable 4 people.

      how can so little attention to talent?

      talent is defined as you can to bring great profits and benefits, you can manage others, you don’t mind you unique insights of a new color is the talent. In this era of talent can be said to be the most important, many companies spend heavily with the training of personnel.

      Andrew, Carnegie once said: "take my staff to leave the factory, shortly after the factory will be full of weeds, take away my factories and leave me with the staff, soon we will have a better factory."

      once asked Bill · Mr. Gates, the 1 time, if you leave Microsoft, you can make a similar Microsoft. He answered first sentences first, and then he said the next sentence, if I take away the 100 people now. This means that Gates is very aware of the United States, Microsoft today is the bottom of the powerful core team. Didn’t he say that the building was going to be for me?. So as long as I pick 100, I immediately engage in the second. This shows the importance of talent.

      Google’s recent news: they want to recruit people, and the name of "The more, the better." banner. "Google (Google) in China is still the most important task of recruiting talent." With the completion of the Google Research Institute in Shanghai, Google vice president and President of Greater China, said Li Kaifu, Google China’s recruitment will be in full swing, and there will be no restrictions on the number of candidates.

      they see two of the "human" attitude can away.

      really do not understand why not understand this truth. Expelled staff is very chilling, in the staff is also very depressed, thinking he would not do well also be laid off. So who still work harder?


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