Foam sample local nternet have said for 2 billion friends of large layoffs

Foam sample local nternet have said for 2 billion friends of large layoffs

March 9, 2017 ckrekbra 0

Xu Jieyun

in order to recruit people, it had opened two times higher than the opponent, the wages of digging people, the company’s management has even promised to work in Shanghai for over a period of 6 years, employees will be given a housing. For more than a year, it almost do, even more than the momentum of Tencent. But six months later it began to lay off.

this is a friend of my friends, the company, known as the about 2000000000 did not believe unsuccessful, online mall activities to send a car a day can fire".

now it may have been the case against China radical expansion of the Internet industry, a billowing bubble. Internet industry observers said Gong Wenxiang, Lenovo to the performance of the stock market, the local Internet has come to reflect the time.

magic expansion

"this is a fantastic website." I have a network of this slogan, and now some ironic meaning.

public information, I was founded in 2006. Its management background is a bit mysterious, company founder Liu Xu, the industry rumors that he is the two generation of domestic traditional industries capital rich. My friends network insiders told reporters, Liu Xu is Xi’an Kaiyuan holding the actual control of the family. Liu Xu told the media that his personal contribution ratio was 99%.

my friends network was originally home video sharing site, but then as a building block in general, in the video, community based, fast access to the portal, B2C mall, games, and even since the establishment of payment services. Now it has a business license from the Internet, radio and television program production license and information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit, to audit the internet medical and health information services agreement, and Internet drug information service qualification certificate, Goods are available in all varieties.

but even so, people know little about it. Its reputation seems to be related to digging. Last year it had opened two times, the wage of the recruitment of the industry in the three times, the company’s management and even promised employees, working in Shanghai for over 6 years will provide free housing.

last year, an industry summit, Gong Wenxiang has worked with my friends network CEO Li Yucheng exchange. Lee said at the time, I intend to build all the friends of the Internet business, and get all the necessary license. Gong Wenxiang said they do not believe that hit about 2000000000 do not succeed, online mall activities a day to send a car can fire.

a departure from my friends network executives on the "First Financial Daily" said, the core demands of my friends network is to build a large e-commerce platform, covering from birth to death, the life stages of consumer demand, supplemented by information content and SNS community concept, the formation of "large mode Sina + Taobao + all".

this may be the background of the rapid expansion of my friends network. The second half of 2010, the total number of its business from the initial 10 following rapid expansion to the top 32, up to a maximum of 36, each corresponding to the vertical electricity supplier business. At that stage, I am responsible for the recruitment of the network

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