Free it prohibit the owners involved in political information release

Free it prohibit the owners involved in political information release

March 9, 2017 tbdwgekl 0

the initial stage of the Internet, you put on my server above the reactionary and gray, as well as spoof type, of course, not.

but a few days ago, something unexpected happened, which made us depressed. I hope to the majority of the patriotic passion of the owners to wake up, you have a similar information deleted as soon as possible, so as not to be accidentally server.

when the Wenchuan earthquake occurred, there is a Liaoning girl in the video curse, this news is also reported by the Tencent. Of course, Liaoning girls curse event, I think she is immoral, but immoral, does not mean that you can arrest and Internet users want her.

because the curse belongs to a case of private prosecution, non prosecution ignored. That is to say, there are ADMIN5 people who abuse free, the police must be in my report to investigate the circumstances can. I don’t report, and no one comes to you. Secondly, even if you find abuse, others can sue you. I have to sue you, the court finds that you are guilty, you can find.

free. With such a station: this station was in the home hanging on a piece of news "curse victims in Sichuan Liaoning girl has been arrested", of course, the news is not a rumor, because Tencent also reported. Its content is entirely on the position of the government, "completely patriotic". But on the one hand, grassroots web site without news permission, is not free to reprint political news.

however, implicated to us, because of this illegal information and was shut down the computer room N hours, so that other users are very depressed.

is a reprint of "patriotic passion" news, emotionally look can be, how to become a "illegal information"? I think it may be the news that the users will be infinitely enlarged, and the influence of the users of unity, but also affect other people’s emotions, webmaster to grasp not the news, do not reprint the news. ". Get free. Many users suffer N hours.

to this end, we have the "victims" two words as the key words intercepted. After you mourn the victims, are intercepted. We also hope that the webmaster can do peace, not politics. Irrational patriotic, often misled the Internet users, there is still a risk of being harmonious.

after the interception of the victims, there are webmasters to protest against the victims of our web pages were intercepted, as if we can not live with the victims. We hereby explain to the majority of owners to intercept "victims" the sequence of events, hope you can understand. Also hope that there is a similar Liaoning girl was arrested news as soon as possible to delete the news reporter.

of course, we have been in the same as everyone, in constant learning and awareness, we work together to create a healthy Internet efforts.

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