Personal APP earnings of the road the content of the king to learn to give up properly

Personal APP earnings of the road the content of the king to learn to give up properly

March 9, 2017 qwmzqibw 0


approached the end of the year, the most painful is undoubtedly the work of writing the year-end report. After several days of fighting and finally complete the task, can not help but sigh this year was not easy. Suddenly think of this year is the first year of their own development of Android APP, so I think I should give my APP to a year-end summary.

first, the development of

strictly speaking, I have only 8 months of age with Android development, the same bitter life: Android developers to accomplish the mission after returning to Coding, took about 2 months of debris time to complete his first APP.

the first APP is a very loving note taking tool, although not as good as Evernote, but closer to my own life. Unfortunately, the user is not close to my life, so this one APP soon died. In the company, there is a special product manager to help us develop products for personal developers, it is also part of the product manager.

for the first time the failure did not let me give up, I use 3 months of spare time to develop a joke set APP, this idea has always existed, because I can always find the most interesting joke content through the network. This APP is welcomed by many users, the market is basically praise, let me be more determined to do this APP is the goal of 2011.

market a lot of jokes set APP, that is, I have a lot of competitors, I can get a seat is not easy.

summarize important experience:

1 content is king. For individual developers, there is no content of the APP is difficult to survive, the game also belongs to the content.

2 concentrate on a APP.

3 learn to give up, or you will waste a lot of energy.

two, user side

how to get users? There is only one way: promotion!

after 3 months of promotion, and now basically every day there are 600 new users. Since the end of the work more, 2 months before the APP stop the updated version, only update the contents of maintenance joke. I am quite satisfied with the number of new users at this level.


data from

the number of users is the number of users I am more concerned about, for a joke content of APP, the use of a long time is certainly not so long reading tools, the basic use of the debris time. My APP can best reflect the user activity is bound to start the number of users, currently more than 4000 of the average active users make me satisfied.


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