From the network infringement case can not withstand the pain of grassroots survival

From the network infringement case can not withstand the pain of grassroots survival

March 9, 2017 bzdhfkjy 0

from the National Copyright Bureau, as of June 2011, 2010-2011 special treatment to combat Internet piracy "sword action" has dealt with 1148 cases of Internet piracy. Yesterday, the National Copyright Administration announced the 15 typical cases. It can be seen from the 15 cases, most of the sites involved in small and medium personal website. The continued occurrence of network infringement has become an important factor restricting the healthy development of China’s Internet, but also because of the plight of the individual owners of deep infringement, entrepreneurial results and living environment has been severely damaged. From the network infringement cases can be seen that the status quo and the survival of the individual webmaster changes.

is the webmaster for the plug-in copyright forbidden grassroots the heaviest punishment

from the publication of the network infringement case, the current China’s personal website infringement problems mainly from the game plug, literature, music, these three aspects. The online game plug-in because of its long-standing, by hacking tampering with the game program, to achieve the use of illegal means to profit through the game, a serious impact on the network game company operation and the interests of the normal, thus become the country thought key targets; literary works, due to the development of the network literature platform in recent years to Chinese network led by the rapid starting point. A variety of network literary works through the network quickly jump red, a variety of novel sites by copying copy network literature illegal profit, but the development of the network also makes literary works more easily through Internet piracy, illegal dissemination, and difficult to manage. For the development of the network literature and the legitimate network dissemination of literary works, it has become a serious problem. In music, the traditional channel itself to rampant piracy, and genuine lack of energy industry itself not mature, the extension of the network further breeding of music piracy, whether it is a small website or well-known sites have music piracy, it is difficult to eradicate.

15 typical cases after the announcement, many webmaster with internet piracy, personal website in jail for 3 years, 5 years, the company sent a little money to be solved! Unfair? Indeed, in 15 cases, personal website punishment is quite heavy. Chuzhou Anhui Knight music network copyright infringement case was sentenced to copyright infringement and sentenced to 3 years in prison for more than 3 years, such as the penalty of more than 3 years. Everyone knows Anhui Knights of Chuzhou music network owners had also once in the webmaster General Assembly speech, was a small website business model, is a s net literal works of infringement Wansong. Not only the parties were sentenced to 3 defendants for 3 years to 3 years in prison for 6 months, but also a fine of $150 thousand. It is estimated that the amount of money earned through the website has not been fined. The punishment of copyright infringement case as a result of the copyright infringement of the State Copyright Bureau of Beijing: the company ordered to stop infringement, warning and fined 80 thousand yuan. Not only did the criminal punishment, the penalty amount for a large web site can only be said to be published. The same is piracy, large sites through illegal infringement to obtain more profits than the small and medium sites, for the Internet

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