White Crow the nternet axis problem

White Crow the nternet axis problem

March 9, 2017 qwmzqibw 0

      GOOGLE TALK on the morning to talk: China’s successful Internet companies have not dared to leave their axis bigger transformation. The "axis" as a "center" or as a "beam" largely determines how far can


      Alibaba’s axis is electronic commerce".

      1, Alibaba, Taobao, Alipay and word-of-mouth network, Ali Ali software, Japan, the six sons are around the "electronic commerce".

      2, where is the Chinese YAHOO? Community, portal? Business search? Business community?
or above the 5G comments, said: to handle uncle Ali, YAHOO is just a China "daughter-in-law".?

      3, Ma next step should be a business search…

      4, Ali group’s real opponent is not Tencent, regardless of the user or the customer is not the degree of coincidence.


      the core of Tencent is instant messaging".
      1, Tencent’s business is all around the instant messaging, and now it seems that only around the communication business they can do.

      2, QQ.com portal road without the client’s promotion will not play QQ.com, if completely go Sina route is basically the game. (Ma Huateng was very clear about this: even if the Tencent to recruit 300 editors, let QQ.com go Sina route them out.)

      3, the Tencent’s products to make money for the center ", which in fact is the root for the horses. When Ma Huateng found that earned individual users not enough money, hand again toward Ma Yun’s wealth – enterprise users. Tencent TM is bound to have a big move, it is bound to be very similar to Ali software and the road.

      4, Tencent do SOSO now appears to be only accounted for land, although Tencent’s users to go to the most external site is Baidu. But, do search technology and investment needs is much larger than that of IM, the current search and bidding alliance is a way of earning money only relatively clear.


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