U S education website TeachStreet 1 million 200 thousand investment

U S education website TeachStreet 1 million 200 thousand investment

March 9, 2017 eokpgjcq 0

webmaster network admin5.com May 31st, according to the telegraph road, said recently the United States Education website TeachStreet announced a new round of $1 million 200 thousand investment. Investors are TeachStreet existing investors and management team, where the main cast for venture capital institutions Madrona Venture Group.

TeachStreet (TeachStreet.com) is the first dedicated to helping local teachers and students to exchange market. Currently the TeachStreet market has been extended to Chicago.

TeachStreet founder and CEO Dave Schappell, said that the new injection of funds will provide us with resources to increase our customer solutions, continue to expand our market.

TeachStree was founded in June 2007, headquartered in Seattle, is committed to helping students find excellent local teachers, and through online management tools to manage and improve the teaching of teachers. In Seattle, Portland, Denver, New York and Chicago Bay area, has a free website, providing information to students and teachers more than 140 thousand such as learning experience, students’ comments, suggestions to the teachers, price information, location, teacher training and so on.

TeachStreet is not a traditional education website, adult students can learn the arts and crafts from here, bagpipes and foreign language knowledge.

              [daily debate] education type website to obtain huge financing, China has such a market?

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