O2O battle public comment the U S group the strategic layout and so on how to go

O2O battle public comment the U S group the strategic layout and so on how to go

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Abstract: U.S. mission network CEO Wang Xing said at the annual meeting of the U.S. mission network this year, 2015 will be the year of the real O2O decisive battle". Carter, drops fast, 58 market merger news came one after another, the mission of public comments and the war continues to heat up. So far, these O2O sites are how the layout?

public comment: online payment to complete O2O closed loop

April 21st, the public comment released a new product "flash benefits", the specific operation and may need cash to make up the group purchase coupons, if consumers to those after the public comment "flash Hui" certified businesses, after the meal can directly pay in the public comment on the page, and then jump to the third party payment platform input the actual amount of payment. Curiosity daily (



Public comment

CEO Zhang Tao said in an interview, the strategic layout of the public comment on B around the end (merchants) to do the transaction closed loop, flash and other products to pull the benefits of users and enhance stickiness, and the future will be trading data precision marketing, advertising promotion effect the most growth business promotion. (first financial daily)

[comment] although the public comment still obsessed with "group purchase", but this method will allow businesses and users feel the sincerity and convenience. Not only the line to avoid consumer businesses around the site, directly to the customer with "group purchase price" of the loss, but also allow customers to pay when you do not have to be reckoned to buy a few group purchase coupons.

of business is because of the increase of viscosity increase the merchant’s degrees of freedom: businesses can benefit in the form of independent launched flash including, full cut and direct discount, businesses can freely determine preferential time, generally choose to focus on every day from 10:30 in the morning to 9:30 in the evening.


of the user is called to form a closed loop, because nearly 200 million orders throughout the day line, but the actual completion of the order of only 2 million O2O closed loop, can realize the online payment transaction closed loop get consumer data, accurate portrait of the user, allowing businesses to more accurately reach target customers to improve the effect of the value of advertising. (first financial daily)

58 city & Market: website merger, door-to-door service upgrade


April 17th, 58 city and Ganji announced the merger. 58 city strategic stake ganji.com, according to the final agreement and ganji.com shareholders, will get 58 city Ganji 43.2% in cash and stock of the shares (fully diluted). And in April 22nd, 58 home in Beijing announced the official launch of the 2 platform, called "outside marriage for the first time after a high-profile show of affection", this makes sense: 58 home CEO Chen Xiaohua said that the merger of the two companies, will enable 58 home access to nearly 90% of the market will recruit >

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