Unique small program it’s hot imagination and unprecedented product ideas

Unique small program it’s hot imagination and unprecedented product ideas

March 9, 2017 lxmvtvgg 0

1, nine years ago today, Jobs released the first iPhone in San Francisco Moss Kang Exhibition Center, as the project manager of Tony · fees DELL recalls, compared the development challenges and can almost "the first man on the moon", because not full of A Jobs’s request, after signing a confidentiality agreement angrily leave a few engineers. In this special tribute worthy of the anniversary, Zhang Xiaolong WeChat officially launched a high-profile "apps", no news release, no red open, no campus diary, just after midnight, "a small program" in the occupation of all Internet practitioners in a wink of the home page, less than two hours a technology, media "apps" experience groups were set to twentieth in number, and the Chinese Internet, the so-called "potential energy" does not have any product, to par with the ambassador.

2, for WeChat, "program" means breaking social boundaries imagination, all constraints such as fuzzy search limit, or prohibit the circle of friends to share – to not too strong impact caused by the existing order. In other words, the small program can not get moist thing silent treatment, but not a good thing one hundred percent. Ali took more than ten years, it will be "accurate brand Taobao universal" hit the user heart, Tencent to reconstruct user cognitive overnight, but it is difficult to control the spread of aftershocks weak zone, and all subsequent arrival may eventually sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height the sparsely populated suburbs, abuse — are unknown as only this mobilization whether the variant like power for HTML 5.

3, and "apps" close to the product concept is not never appear, whether Baidu light application or mobile browser open platform, presents a traffic entrance built in the local village is in the "ambition, no purpose in making objective" than in "no purpose in making the purpose of it hard, only the bearing Center Application of social relations is the most suitable access plug switch, used to fill the needs of the user’s flexible mass. Communication channels become WeChat public platform and browser thinking for subscription and distribution of different nature of "small program" almost "cruise on the pool", compared to strange and alienation of the ocean, the artificial vessel paradigm more thoughtful and neat, comfortable degree is far higher than that of the longitudinal body into the depth of the sea is difficult to know.

4, in the past two years, Facebook launched the "Instant Articles" and "Instant Games" two functions, the former is the interception on the media, giving native content, the latter is a mild game integrated in the dialog window, support asynchronous interaction, obviously, the user scale will be arriving soon, the upper limit of the moment, China two the social networking giant’s decision is: to shorten the path, agree without prior without previous consultation to replace the path creation path, eventually became the only swallow without spitting out black hole galaxy. Image speak, efficient and open hypertext protocol is losing effect in the mobile Internet world, technology companies >

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