Gome online layoffs nearly more than 400 staff said in Cuba

Gome online layoffs nearly more than 400 staff said in Cuba

March 9, 2017 azwnolxx 0

Gome electricity supplier integration continues. Recently, some media reports, the United States online has been involved in the number of layoffs of more than 400 people, more than 90% of the original Kuba staff.

"one of our colleagues is the department manager interviewed, the manager told him, layoffs of four sets, is now second and two dial, dial." Have left the Kuba staff Yang Xiao (a pseudonym) told the "investor" reporter. Some media reports said that after the Spring Festival, the fourth batch of managers will be cut above the staff.


, Gome online spokesman Peng Liang told reporters: "investors" "United States online Kuba two platforms not coincide in the post integration, this will take the principle of survival of the fittest. Normal survival of the fittest is the process of enterprise development must go through." But for the layoffs and the number of people involved, Peng Liang did not specify.

Gome online layoffs

in December 3, 2012, after the United States announced the integration, Gome online and Bowser’s Kuba, began to move the United States online. The first round of layoffs consolidation is also officially started.

"from the beginning of 2012 December, a week basically all employees were asked to leave the interview. This time because suddenly suddenly cut 200 people cause media attention. But as far as I know, it’s more than that." Yang Xiao said.

Yang Xiao is 2012 university graduates in July last year, was recruited to Kuba internship. Until last October, he has been training for three months, this time also to probation. But because at that time the United States online to merge Kuba, including Yang Xiao, a large number of all employees had been dragged down.


positive not down, but was laid off. In January 24th, the leadership of the Department told me that the Department has only two people, now more than two, requiring me to sign the resignation application, when it comes to me to compensate for half a month’s wages." Yang Xiao said: in accordance with the labor law, the need to compensate me two months salary. But the personnel department told me, do not promise to force the lifting of labor relations, when a penny can not get." In desperation, Yang Xiao can only yield.


employee turnover Kuba Wang Shan (a pseudonym) told the "investor" reporter: "every year to recruit a lot of Kuba before college, called knowledge class. 2011 is the first batch of about fifty or sixty people, in 2012 the second batch of more than and 200 people. The first batch of 2011 are very good, a lot of people into the Department of the pillar, but now a lot of driving away. The second batch of 2012 is a lot of this cut." Public data shows, in the Kuba layoffs before about a staff of about 1200 people.

Yang Xiao told reporters that the current layoffs is only the beginning, will be carried out in the back. But the United States online news spokesman Peng Liang told reporters that this statement is not accurate, and Bowser will continue "

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